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    Pad सही तरीके से न लिया तो हो सकती है Death|Pad लेने से पहले इस video को जरूर देखेंPeriods Hacks

    Hello everyone,
    Everyone who loves or wants to be happy nand wants to spread love, peace and beauty related awareness can be part of my little world.
    Beauty is just a reflection of our inner soul which makes us glowy and beautiful inside out .
    Be Healthy is all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle everything you need.
    Be Healthy is Indian makeup , beauty, style, fitness and lifestyle video platform for everyone.Tune in daily for the latest and trendy makeup tips , healthcare, fashion ideas, daily lifestyle hacks, interesting diy videos and much more .We have it all …with a hint of human 🙂
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    Disclaimer- All the information provided on this channel and it’s videos are for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect ,valid,specific, detailed information. All the contents published in our channel is our creativity and self tested.
    We hope you enjoy our videos as much as we do making them.

    जाने माहवारी की पूरी सच्ची कहानी और इससे जुड़ा अंधविश्वास।How to use tempon

    #letsspreadawarness #periodshygine #benatural
    Complete awareness of periods myth n reality| Every girl should know before it's too late
    Myths About Periods
    It's ok to wear white! But it's not ok to feel shame about your periods.
    Would you believe that some people pay to have their hair ripped off their body? Or that some women buy sharp metal blades and slide them along their legs to remove hair each morning? What if I told you women pay others to cover their fingernails in different colors, with paint containing toxic chemicals like formaldehyde? These things sound crazy when put this way. But, waxing, shaving, and painting nails are considered totally normal, even daily, practices for women in American culture and elsewhere.
    Social and cultural norms create some pretty bizarre trends. The aforementioned trends are beauty related, but there are various cultural perceptions all over the world when it comes to women’s periods. Some cultural beliefs regarding periods are not just weird. They can also bar women from education, jobs, and overall equality.
    Read More: Tampons vs. Mooncups Rap Battle–Plus Why Period Taboos Hold Girls Back
    Here are 10 myths about menstruation that still exist in the world today.
    While women may be “riding the crimson tide,” there’s no need to worry about shark attacks if a woman wants to actually go in the ocean. There’s no data to support menstruation attracts sharks. So for everyone (guys and girls) out there thinking menstruation attracts sharks, think again before you blame periods.
    In parts of rural India, there is a myth that women cannot water plants or cook during their period because their “uncleanliness” will spoil the food. In a study done in a random school in rural India, 55 percent of girls surveyed believed they could not cook or enter the kitchen during and 4 days after menstruation or food would sour. While I’m all for more boys and men taking on household chores so that girls in India can get an education, this myth doesn’t help with that.
    In Afghanistan, the word “gazag” means to become infertile. It’s said (in old Afghan tradition) that during the week a woman has her period she cannot wash or shower or she will gazag. You’re probably thinking this is gross. It is. And it’s more than that--it’s a major risk for infection.
    In many places, including Afghanistan, it’s common for women to use cloth sanitary napkins. The benefit here is that it’s relatively inexpensive and a renewable way to manage periods. The downside is women are often ashamed to hang clean cloth used during menstruation outside with other laundry. So women hide and wear sanitary napkins for too long which causes infections deadly to reproductive health. This can all be fixed if social taboos over periods are eliminated.
    Imagine someone telling you to miss work every month even if you don’t feel sick. Menstrual leave is a thing, and this one is more controversial than some others. Several countries in Asia, like South Korea, China, Japan, and Indonesia have laws providing women sick leave during their period. The debate here is whether menstrual leave for women is a form of discrimination or a medical necessity.
    Periods taboos are more debilitating than anything menstrual cycles themselves. Lack of access to sanitary napkins, and knowledge on managing periods for girls and women is debilitating. But, periods themselves are rarely a cause for necessary sick leave.
    Yes, every woman experiences menstrual cycles differently, but only 20 percent of women report severe pain during periods. The other 80% of women reported no debilitating symptoms or pain. With the proper supplies and knowledge on how to manage periods, girls and women can be empowered to accomplish any task any time of the month.
    The chaupadi tradition is a practice in rural parts of Nepal where women are literally put in isolation during their period. Again the reason stems back to “being unclean.” Women cannot be in classrooms with other students while menstruating.
    The myth goes back to the belief that a woman’s uncleanliness will anger Hindu goddesses. Dispelling myths like chaupadi where 16 percent of women in Nepal are forced from their homes into isolation is a task that will take effort, education and awareness.

    This myth exists in parts of the world ranging from Bali and India to Nepal. Women are believed to be “unclean” while menstruating and are thus not allowed to enter “clean” and holy places like temples. This is a form of gender inequality that limits women from the same human rights like freedom to practice religion that men have access to.Girls and women menstruating are not unclean. They are normal, natural, and healthy. The myth that women cannot enter temples and holy ground is culturally controversial, and a sensitive issue.


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