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  • 17 Teams that Could Potentially Trade for Anthony Davis FreeDawkins

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  • 17 Teams that Could Potentially Trade for Anthony Davis FreeDawkins Breakdown
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    kevinseveneleven says:

    Here's the list fellas
    1. Lakers
    2. Lakers
    3. Lakers
    4. Lakers
    5. Lakers
    6. Lakers
    7. Lakers
    8. Lakers
    9. Lakers
    10. Lakers
    11. Lakers
    12. New York Knicks lmaooooo just kidding nobody wants to go there
    12. Lakers
    13. Lakers
    14. Lakers
    15. Lakers
    16. Lakers
    17. Lakers

    Dingle Duck says:

    I feel the trade would be best for the magic

    Edgar PC says:

    Portland gives CJ McCollum and Zach Collins for AD. That’s sounds good to me

    Edgar PC says:

    Portland doesnt have future all start LOL. my boy Zach and my boy anfernee

    mantid says:

    Pretty much any team that trades for AD will be gutted and AD walks lol.

    Crescendo Waves says:

    You forgot the Miami Heat, genius

    W W says:

    Dawkins > Hoh

    Josh Smith says:

    Dude all of this means nothing when u take account that he’s a one year rental except for the Lakers

    Daniel Flores says:

    Anthony Davis is overrated.

    PG 13PACERNATION says:

    I would have got through my divorce process faster than AD being traded lol
    Lakers will get him

    Malachi Balanay says:

    Raptors and San Antonio

    shabazz360 says:

    The Raptors actually have enough to deal for him.

    Pascal Siakham
    OG Anunoby
    Fred Vanleet

    2 1st rounders.

    I don’t think AD or Kawhi could/would walk away from this deal….

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