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  • 4.2 magnitude earthquake surprises Northeast Ohio

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  • ODNR has had 2,705 reports from people who felt the earthquake from as far west as Sandusky, as far north as Ontario and as far south as Canton.


    Farm Girl says:

    Chicago will have a Quake around a 4.6. (They always DownGrade). It will be a Sign to New England. Pressure is Building.

    Brianna Melius says:

    Apparently being in a car made me unable to feel it. All I remember, is my dad running outside where I was sitting in my car, asking if I had felt it. I've lived in Ohio for 10 years and was completely unaware that earthquakes large enough to be felt like that could happen here…

    Unindentified User says:

    I was hit by it for about 1 sec

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