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  • 5/16/19: Balanced offense lifts Braves past Cards

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  • Daily Recap: Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis each drove in a pair of runs, while Austin Riley notched three hits in the Braves’ 10-2 win

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    Ryan Benavides says:

    Starting to worry about the Redbirds

    Daniel Berri says:

    Cards are trash went from 1st to 3rd in a snap never will be the cubs

    Crispy says:

    Chuck the Clutch with another hit….. again, I'm not surprised.

    Daniel C says:

    Love that squeeze play.

    Aaron says:

    Riley will be here to stay if he has another good game at the plate like this. Kid is too good. What is Ender's role when he's healthy now? Is his glove worth more than Riley's bat?

    Big daddy Rich says:

    Cardinals suck about as much as the Cubs. Smh

    Daryl Dixon says:

    I miss winning and Mitt Mittens Great comments daily!

    Daryl Dixon says:

    The Cardinals are so much better than they have been playing lately! I heard rumors that there is some friction in the clubhouse, but that’s just rumors. Not sure what else to say other than we are much better than what we are playing!

    Godlikelobster01 says:

    Cards should’ve gotten swept.

    Anderson Littleton says:

    Good offense, good defense, Perfectly balanced as all things should be
    This does up a smile on my face

    djw80158 says:

    There was plenty of noise about a sweep after that 14-3 massacre in Game 1… OOPS Good Series win Braves!

    EuNo Flixz says:

    Dang the cardinals are good

    dave williams says:

    So, if fans can catch home run balls bare-handed, why do outfielders need gloves? Asking for a friend. 😁

    Kenneth Futch says:

    Its early but as of now the STL is not a good team at all. In fact they are pitiful. I would love to be proven wrong but until that happens I'm calling it like it is.

    Carlos Randolph says:

    Wassup with the inconsistency of the Cardinals!!!!

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