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  • 5.7.19 RMU: New Sandra Bland video released; TN Speaker aide resigns; Botham Jean's mom attacked

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  • 5.10.19 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Min. Louis Farrakhan responds to Facebook’s ban; Calif. cop body slams Black woman during routine traffic stop; Delta Airlines to employees: Spend money on video games not labor union dues; Chaos on the Alabama Senate floor as Senators debate one the strictest abortion bans in the country; Gillum talks #votingrights and FL GOP’s trampling of Amendment 4


    Djibrail Jones says:

    Blacks you really don't know how much power you yield they've fooled you into thinking that you are powerless and worthless but in fact you hold all the power all of it. All you have to do is stop doing what you're doing whatever it is that you're doing, stop just stop. For one day just stop all blacks go sit out on your f**** Stoops, porches, your front steps whatever it is, ust go outside call off. I guarantee you if done in unison you'll shut down every city for that day if the NFL all the blacks just stop the NBA just stop I guarantee you they'll listen, just stop you have all the power…but yet you still believe that you don't wake up black people.. Let the ones who think they dont want us around doit themsleves.. Like b ball f ball baseball etc. Dont nobody wanna see that sht !!!! That's going in there pockets and if we go deep enough…guess what?……endgame…hope yall ready.

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