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  • 8 Signs Polyamory is for You

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  • Do you wonder what it is like to be in a polyamorous relationship? Do you currently have an romantic interest in two or more people or thinking of getting into polyamorous dating? Well, congrats! You’re not alone. Polyamory has come to be an umbrella term for various forms of non-monogamous, multi-partner relationships, or non-exclusive sexual or romantic relationships. If you’re wonder if you’re a polyamorous, then this video might be for you. We share the 8 signs that maybe polyamory dating is not so bad. There’s no agenda with this video. We just want to raise awareness on a topic that’s hard to talk about.

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    The 4 Types of Polyamory-

    What about Polyamory
    Writer: Lara Blackheart
    Script Writer: Daniela Shklover
    Animator: Naye Meneses
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    The 4 Types of Polyamory

    While approaches polyamory/non-monogamy are as diverse as the people practicing them, here are four types of polyamory and the differences between them. Tell me in the comments how you approach your romantic relationships!

    No Sex… Ever? Asexuality, Relationships, and Polyamory: https://youtu.be/5Fh3EBy0dds
    First, Second, Third… What is Hierarchy in Polyamory? https://youtu.be/HslX6uq1Xmk
    How to Handle Difficult Metamour Relationships: https://youtu.be/G9SAwsQtvW0
    How to Fight Compassionately: https://youtu.be/wo3_bzpZLWk
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    Psych2Go says:

    Happy Thursday everyone! How are you are doing? Psych2Go is on a mission to bring awareness to topics and issues that are less talked about. In this video, we cover polyamory, a term for being attracted or in a relationship with multiple people at once. Do you know someone like this? If so, consider sharing your experiences in the comment below. We'd love to hear your stories. As always, if you want to support us, you can do so by sharing our videos on your social media. Thank you!

    penis aids says:

    I love how beautiful polyamory can be!

    minebemillienianimalz says:

    how about if someone needs wants to marry a guy n a girl or a girl n a guy bisexuality even 2 guys or 2women, if this person knows two or more but totally possible to and benaficial to truely love give to both a male female or other energy soul in whole, ty for all the videos

    Sydical says:

    I'm just gonna speak my mind. Poly relationships are the polite way to cheat and get more than one person. I don't support it. I believe all a person needs is one person. None of this having 3 wives and such. Smh..

    Sydical says:

    But you only need one person to love..

    yeet my waffles says:

    That’s a lot of labor to perform, OOF

    Depressie Jesse says:

    Well that makes a lot of sense

    Shayke Speeer says:

    The key to successful polyamory….. it's not about focusing on your own needs, desires and pleasures…. it's about focusing on your partners. Only then does the jealousy, fear and societal monogamous brainwashing dissipate. jmo

    x x x Bittencourt says:

    me, a polyamorous person reading the comments:

    okay karen we get it you're monogamous OKAY WE GET IT

    Wolf/Shelly Jennings says:

    Haha, there’s 5 in our group, it’s amazing

    Jamal McLovin says:

    It's so hard to find polyamourous women. Where can a guy find them?

    Shivani says:

    Polyamory is for people who have A LOT OF FREE TIME on their hands.

    Trigger Me6 says:

    Fuck it. Don't go into a relationship. Pump and dump until you want to settle down.

    Gee Buttersnaps says:

    Just because most places don't prosecute it doesn't mean it's the majority.

    Waitwhat469 says:

    Honestly it sounds good to me, assuming there is a good connection for all the people. People are complicated more people are more complicated, not bad, just more things to think about (but hopefully everyone in the group helps with that).

    Gacha_Leo -Chan says:

    Who else thought they were polyamorous before this but wanted to check and found out they were?

    Random Cannon says:

    Damn, I'd be lucky to even get one girlfriend.

    Random Cannon says:

    Communism has entered the chat.

    HeyItsMeEire says:

    I rlly like polyamorous relationships!!
    And yes, the last ones I'm totally with it. I rlly don't care, meanwhile everyone is happy and myself, I'm okay.

    Natalie Wilton says:

    I’ve been thinking I am Poly. Every single sign, I was like “YES!” 🙌❤️ I’m currently single, dating, casual sex etc. I am a bit daunted of bringing this up with a potential partner

    ItzMeRinai xX says:

    What is a poly thingy 😂

    Serena Mirabelle Guinto says:

    I can relate to all the signs and say that polyamory is for me.

    TributesAndUnique says:

    I would never want to get in a polyamorous relationship because I'd feel betrayed and like I'm always competing with my partner with who gets more

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