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  • Ayesha Curry says “she gets NO MALE attention” Brittany and i respond

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    Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made says:

    Her ass is MARRIED why is she mentioning even wanting "male attention" from other men?? They KNOW your ass is married so why would they even want to step to you? Then if all these thirsty men were chasing her,she wouldnt like that either, she would just like that split second of validation and keep it moving 😒😒🙄. She should be seeing it as she has it ALL with the man who married HER 😯😯

    Mànuello says:

    It's true what you said about most women will pretend to be single to get male attention. Look at female Instagram models, they have to pretend to be single since the majority of their followers are males.

    KYLON MCCOY says:

    She's a slut

    Dat 337 Boot Boy says:

    They gonna ask her when can they get some of that mouth especially after she made that tweet years ago after Seth and the warriors lost a playoff game saying she sucked his dick so good before the game and they still lost the game maybe I should do better next time or some shit like that she tweeted out in the past lol smh

    Dat 337 Boot Boy says:

    She's a damn lie I'm one of the men that give her lots of male attention on those sexy Instagram pics she posts lol haha

    QBWillieB says:

    She jealous of her own husband accomplishments. Now the panties are serious dropping for mr curry! I’m sure his DM’s are flooded with thotties

    QBWillieB says:

    11:45 yup female nature bro. Nothing to worry about. Understand it and accept it

    QBWillieB says:

    Don’t get married Steven its a death sentence:)

    QBWillieB says:

    No such thing for women wanting unwanted male attention 😂😂😂

    QBWillieB says:

    Still need Validation from others when her man is multi millionaire and 3x b-ball mpv 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 women are never satisfied!!!

    steven rose says:

    Happy Mothers day to all moms out their

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