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  • Before You See Avengers: EndGame WATCH THIS! (I REFUSE To Review It!)

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  • Avengers End Game Come Out This Weekend! I Refuse To Review It However I Will help you through the movie.



    TheQuartering says:

    Working To Deliver An Actual POSITIVE Video For Once! Hope You Enjoy The Tips & It Helps The Channel LOADS If You Leave A LIKE On The Video & Drop A Comment! Have A Great Friday Everyone!

    Klara Kent says:

    Just seen it….and yeah it has some flaws and necessary SJW propaganda but not as much…I loved it 🙂

    ihatescreennames89 says:

    Will I go #1 during Endgame? Depends.

    Gorkdork says:

    Captain Marvel was literally Deus Ex Machina xD

    ArchAngel Knights says:

    This guy is a fucking hack….first he says hes not going to see the movie, then he makes up some stupid ass excuse to see it. Now hes saying hes not going to review it. Right…..I'll be waiting for your review vid in the next few days. Idiot

    Kev Gunton says:

    Honestly I think you need to take a brake form making YouTube vids. You are getting a little repetitive……

    Matthew Donovan says:

    So he's right to not review it. Why, cause what endgame has is multiple storylines mixed into one. There will be parts of it you will scratch your head and be like WTF?? That's dumb. And there will be parts you absolutely love. This movie isn't infinity wars and I'm not sure why… They are similar but it's just way different and the storylines are everywhere. Honestly I'm not even sure yet if I like this movie or that it just is so important.

    Mark Thomas says:

    Theaters are for plays, cinema's are for films.

    RaZoR aka Star Pops says:

    Take the browns the Superbowl. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Klara Kent says:

    I enjoy "girl power" that's why I loved Wonder Woman …and the amazons
    I hate "women are better and stronger and men are evil" crap that's why I didn't go to see Captain SJW

    Adam Logan says:

    I think you need to not be so emotionally invested in movies , you may enjoy them more

    mattsmustang65 says:

    Paul Blart Mall Cop was one of the great things that came out of the hollywood writers strike

    Mark Wilson says:

    I understand people wanting to boycott this over Brie Larson and they’re free to do so.

    Having seen the movie I can say she doesn’t ruin it her screen time is very limited although she is jarring. It feels like her scenes were shoehorned in or drastically cut.

    For example (spoiler ahead) when she turns up to rescue Ironman and Nebula she just turns up lands the benatar and nobody says a thing there’s no introduction to her she just turns up insults people and nobody says a word

    However boycotting the whole movie because of her is doing is a disservice to the fine work done by the actors and crew of the other 20 marvel movies (I will never accept Captain Marvel as an MCU movie it is the ginger step child of the MCU and has no soul)

    So please if you’re a fan say goodbye to the avengers properly and weep for the loss of the MCU

    Dr. Jack Bright says:

    Yoooooo rep that Wisconsin crew!

    readme info says:

    Two ideas for Marvel to make some income.
    Re-release the previous Marvel movies that take place during those scenes that they reference, and edit them to include the EndGame characters/actions/lines within THAT movie, as if it was real and planned and actually happened.
    2nd, release an Endgame version WITHOUT ms. Marvel. I dont care what they replace its performance with, it could be a magic asteroid or a talking hamburger. Anything but her. I would watch that over and over.

    Eric Dumke says:

    8:25 is when he starts to tell you when to go pee.

    Aristocrafied says:

    I dunno if it was because of keeping up to date with all the developments you have shared but.. I just couldn't stand seeing her face! She came across like such a bitch somehow. I am happy she was only on screen for 15 minutes. Didn't see Cpt. Marvel and I don't think I ever will now hahaha

    Call me Grognak says:

    San Francisco title card, hulk having lunch, New Jersey title card

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