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  • Black Mirror: Craziest Endings Explained

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  • Black Mirror Season 5 Is Coming And We Are So Ready
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    Black Mirror is like the modern day Twilight Zone, constantly making viewers question everything they know about technology, morals and the future. Tackling everything from dystopian futures to advanced, modern-day technology, it’s a show that really makes you think. As well as having riveting story lines, eclectic settings and relatable, yet despicable characters, some of the series’ best high points are its gruelling, and sometimes rather frightening, endings. Did that character survive? Is the human race doomed? Were there actually any good guys in that episode? In this video, we explore the craziest, most puzzling and most convoluted Black Mirror endings, and attempt to explain their meaning and what actually happened. We also look at what these endings could allude to in the quickly developing technology-filled world of today. From a blackmailed 19 year old in “Shut Up and Dance” to the slightly more light-hearted revelation of “San Junipero”, we dive down the rabbit hole of Charlie Brooker’s mind-boggling Black Mirror.


    Hated in the Nation
    Hang the DJ
    USS Callister
    Fifteen Million Merits
    Black Museum
    White Bear
    White Christmas
    San Junipero

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    A P. says:

    Can’t wait for the new season, it looks good

    Vannity says:

    The new season is almost here ! I know you’ll gain more subscribers if you do videos on that! 💙 keep up the good work !

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