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  • Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer Breakdown!

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  • The trailer for Netflix’s Black Mirror Season 5 is here, featuring big names like Anthony Mackie (Avengers Endgame), Topher Grace, Miley Cyrus, and Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy). While we wait for the sci-fi anthology’s new episodes to release on Netflix in June, let’s break down the trailer frame by frame to see what we can learn about the new season.

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    Little Boots says:

    that's clearly millie cyrus doing her music video

    Shakir Music says:

    Is it just me or is this all current events with technology.

    Kalkaanuslag says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Anthony Mackie looks quite a lot like Topher Grace?

    Connecting 4:13 and 5:34 , and there might be some storyline about racism and people of color being a white version of themselves in a simulation…

    Quite edgy though, idk if Black Mirror would want to make that kind of a storyline…

    Paul Scott says:

    Good, The new Twilight Zone is failing so hard at these kinds of stories.
    Also I don't think you know what an absolute unit is, both meme and measurement.

    Kim says:

    Somehow this made black mirror absolutely uninteresting.

    Christopher Huggins says:

    Lol Miley Cyrus or topher Grace, we can't tell the difference

    RenzoLanceloT says:

    "You absolute units"? You really do not know how to meme. Dont try to be "hip", girl.

    akm960 says:

    Only 3 episodes?

    teabean7 says:

    Shy girl in suit and she looks like she is dancing, Miley reality.


    The woman Chris G is missing is most probably the woman in the car accident. It’s quite possible that the car crash was caused by someone on their phone, not looking at the road, thus causing Chris’s resentment towards technology.

    Kayla Johnson says:

    Thank god we don't have to wait so long for season 5 🙂

    joey4track says:

    Hate to say it but after the awful Bandersnatch and this underwhelming trailer I am afraid this season might turn out to be the worst yet. Hopefully I am wrong.

    petrina smith says:

    Thanks for this! I was waiting for you guys to post a breakdown of this. There are just so many images it's hard to catch everything.

    Ashykinz says:

    I feel like the third one is kind of like the BTS app. I think this girl that has no friends is mildly obsessed with this icon that Miley plays. One of the products that this celebrity has is a robot that gives compliments in her voice. This could take a dark turn with the theme of corrupt industrialization, like Miley is making money off of complementing young, lonely children. “How could love be wrong”. This episode could end in obsession or even betrayal. Just some mild speculation.

    Nathan Caravaggio says:

    Can't wait!

    Ashley Hyatt says:

    For a lighter side of sci-fi, take a look at Weird City. It can't stand before Black Mirror but it's surprisingly well done and entertaining.

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