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  • BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 TRAILER REACTION – Double Toasted Reviews – Today DJ Milez and Christian Torres discuss the newest trailer for Black Mirror Season 5! Did Bandersnatch keep us satisfied within the series to be hyped for this new season? Is this going to be one of the most necessary shows to binge watch? Do we need more trailers? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

    And for more videos like this one head on over to Doubletoasted.com for funny movie reviews and movie trailer reactions to review for movies of 2018 and 2019 livestreamed for your viewing pleasure all throughout the week!

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    Chris Pagan says:

    Look I mean this with no disrespect but can you at least just put whoever is in the video in the thumbnail? I was hyped until I saw it wasn’t Korey and Martin smh

    CarlitosWay277 says:

    Wish there were more than three, but beggars cant be choosers! Maybe all three will be around 80min?

    Lerkero says:

    People should stop tossin around here. Milez and Torrez are doing their part to provide content for DT. I like their reaction.

    Jevangood says:

    Shut Up & Dance is the best Black Mirror episode IMO. Good stuff.

    CandyGrooves says:

    That what's in the box logo is too small on the thumbnail. Stop tricking people to watch this trash

    J Peart says:

    I wanted more episodes but these 3 episodes look great. I personally want the dark shit. I love San Junipero but I kinda like being scared or mindfucked with episodes like white bear, white christmas, playtest, shut and dance etc etc (shut and up dance which I think might be the my favorite)

    Busted musket Productions says:

    3 episodes gives me more hope since 6 was something that Netflix pushed that and it showed. Not all the episodes worked and felt unnecessary

    Irrefutable Matt says:

    weird city > new twilight zone… yeah 3 eps is too short, but im always psyched for another season of black mirror

    Crurned says:

    I see Korey and Oz visited MJs hairdresser again.

    Angelique Hogan says:

    I hope it’s 3 long episodes

    kyle payton says:

    Hated in the nation my favorite.

    Geoff Brown says:


    jason fasthorse says:

    Just wanna say DJ Milez and Cristian are doing a great job with their analysis on shows and film Btw Crocodile is my favorite BM episode followed close by Hang the DJ

    Malik McKinney says:

    I would like to speak to your manager Corey I'll rather hear the review from him lol

    Muyanzi Reid says:

    Black Mirror is better than 90% of the shows on TV these days.

    Hasbara Paid Israeli Troll says:

    The jew looking guy is f annoying

    Muyanzi Reid says:

    Lets be real..3 Black Mirror Episodes is better than 16 episodes of most shows on TV these days. No 🧢.

    kyodai82 says:

    what happened to double toasted? this is something else

    God Saiyan Prodigy says:

    Only 3 Episodes? Damn. Hope they at least made them a bit long. Hyped to see my boy Anthony Mackie doing his thing in this!

    UnCreative Deconstructionism says:

    Lol the 2 dislikes from people expecting Corey and Martin.

    Lawrence Kassab says:

    I loved you guys since the spill days, and Martin's laugh is the best ever.

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