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  • Black Mirror VS The Twilight Zone (2019) – Which Is Better?

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  • In this video I compare the sci-fi anthology on Netflix, Black Mirror to the 2019 reboot of The Twilight Zone and see which show is better. I compare, the story, the characters, and explain my overall thoughts on both shows.

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    Indigo 99 says:

    Black Mirror is easily better no contest. I read something interesting yesterday the network AMC is going to have their own anthology show with some Black Mirror and Stranger Things writers. There's no name for the show yet but it's most likely to come out next year could be awesome.

    Benjamin Kennedy says:

    Really? Twilight zone of course. Oh I meant old 60s twilight zone. Yeah for this black mirror is beyond better. It’s social commentary and clever storytelling are gonna be timeless. The new twilight zone on the other hand, left wing biased commentary over good or descent storytelling. I hate it, the writing is such shit

    CarlitosWay277 says:

    Black Mirror is awesome, Humans vs Technology theme is very interesting!

    Christoph Davis says:

    It’s not even close. Black Mirror. This new Twilight Zone is heavy handed. The last few episodes’ theme can be boiled down to “Orange Man Bad”

    Write says:

    Black mirror was a strong mind blown show since season 1, twilight zone is great in early eps, from the stand up comedian, even still decent with the ep of alien in alaska, but after that from the kid president up to last ep, it's a so-so for me. BM>TZ

    Arthur Mishkoff says:

    It's a no brainer (no pun) that Black Mirror wins hands down…Now..compare Black Mirror to the ORIGINAL TZ…different story..2 names…Burgess Meredith and William Shatner…nuff said.

    Lennon Myers says:

    Black Mirror 👍…New Twilight zone not really connecting for some reason

    Dzulfiqar abdul karim says:

    fresh exciting stories vs heavy handed political stories….

    TheGamingBros says:

    Black mirror!

    C NearWheel says:

    Twilight Zone could be good if they weren't pushing the liberal SJW bullcrap so hard

    Albert Kay says:

    I honestly prefere black mirror……I feel like the new twighlight zone relies on the legacy the original created

    Trailer Mashup Production says:

    If I were to be a character in black mirror or Twilight Zone, I'd pick black mirror everytime. You get to use these new inventions

    Hugh Jass says:

    Black Mirror is better because it can be extremely relatable at times. The impact of the episodes hit a lot harder.

    BrainPilot says:

    Thanks for checking the video out! What show do you think is better out of the two? Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone? Comment below!

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