Actress Catherine Oxenberg was at the courthouse Wednesday when the verdict was read and called her daughter, one of Rainiere’s victims, to report the news.
Keith Raniere, sex cult co-founder of a sex cult known as NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”) was found guilty of multiple charges including sex trafficking, conspiracy, racketeering, and possession of child pornography. NBC’s Tom Winter breaks down [More]
La cuarta trinchera El mentor y ex socio de Emiliano Salinas, hijo del ex presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, fue declarado culpable de siete cargos criminales que incluyen conspiración para el tráfico sexual de personas, [More]
Keith Raniere, líder del grupo de autoayuda NXIVM, fue declarado culpable en Nueva York. SUSCRÍBETE: Al Rojo Vivo: “Al Rojo Vivo con María Celeste” es una revista noticiosa que, en una hora, lleva al [More]
After a 600 foot decline one can get closer to the waterfall of Yellowstone National Park’s Canyon lower basin.
Yellowstone Caldera: Two Minor Swarms and Steamboat’s 23rd Eruption of 2019 Links – 1) Ben Ferraiuolo, Yellowstone Caldera: Two Minor Swarms and Steamboat’s 23rd Eruption of 2019, Creative Commons Reuse Allowed Email: Ben [More]
Josh and Christina Peck, discuss the strange event’s that are happening in Yellowstone national park. Why are the animals fleeing? Do they somehow sense that the volcano is about to erupt? Make sure to become [More]
Yellowstone Volcano Quake Swarms & Animals Leaving by 1,000’s! Long Valley Supervolcano EQ Swarms! Links – 1) 2) Ben Ferrraiuolo, Yellowstone Caldera & Long Valley Caldera: Earthquake Swarms of June 15, 2019, Creative [More]
It’s never a dull moment on the ranch. Take a look at where things left off on the conclusion of “Yellowstone” season 1. #Yellowstone #ParamountNetwork Subscribe for More! Yellowstone is a drama series that [More]
💣💣💣💣 Milhares de espécies nativas de Yellowstone estão migrando para longe do supervulcão, segundo uma descoberta surpreendente de cientistas. Os alces deixam aos milhares a zona próxima do Parque Nacional de Yellowstone todos os anos, [More]