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  • China rises but 30 years after Tiananmen crackdown remains taboo

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  • Tuesday marks 30-years since the Tiananmen Square killings in 1988- a standoff between pro-democracy protesters and the Chinese government over corruption.
    It ended violently when tanks and soldiers entered the square, killing many protesters. The final death toll is still disputed.
    The Chinese government has since tried to erase the event from history

    Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Beijing.

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    D. R. says:

    Its was genocide and mass murder, NOT a crackdown!

    Dazhen Dong says:

    The Chinese government did a right thing, evidence shows that the student leader are supported by CIA in order to overthrow the government and bring "democracy" and "freedom" to Chinese like what US wants to do to Venezuela. Without that decision, massive development and achievement cannot be done by China.

    DARK ENERGY says:

    I was a witness too. The real two sided story is the roiters attacked and killed many PLA army soldiers  on June 3rd, then central government issued an order to the soilders that they are allowed to fire back on June 4th. I hate western media always report the one-sided story.
    The students didn't kill the soilders, and soilders didn't kill the students. Those roiters who killed many soilders on June 3rd, 1989 are anti-government haters. Remember, on June 3rd, soilders were not allowed to shoot and actually many of them didn't even have guns. That is why the soilders got a big casualty.   The name of  "Tiananmen square massacre" is very inaccurate. There is no massacres had ever happened. The students left Tiananmen square peacefully at the night of June 4th.   The army only fired back in the west part of Beijing on June 4th to those anti-government roiters after many soilders got killed on June 3rd . But the soilders did not shoot the students in the Tiananmen square. western media always depicts it like " Students demonstrated peacefully, and PLA just  massively shooting them" .  That is a brazen lie!  Although I only was a primary school kid at that time, but I saw it by my own eyes. I can never forget those dead bodies and burned military vichles.   Many dead bodies were from the PLA soilders.

    better life says:

    This is the history of the past 30 years. The Communist Party has good side also bad side. If the Communist Party is bad, other countries still do business with the Communist Party. Ordinary people don't have to worry about it.

    Akib Hassan says:

    One day we would see a military coup in China. They don't know how to do well behave with other country and make a better foreign policy. What they know to dominant other country and their peoples by there military power.

    3517 alt says:

    American believes Economic Success would change china like south korea and taiwan, but China dictatorship threatens USA. Trump must do canes China

    Mei Choi says:

    Just wondered. Why has there never been footage of young soldiers being killed & slaughtered? The western mainstream media will never show those clips.

    leon战忽局 says:

    Which country does this TV station belong to?What is the living condition of their people now?Let's send democracy to middle eastern monarchies.They are like western dogs now.

    S Hussein says:

    Who are these white reporters to criticize a country for security apparatus?? Have they made the same report of the American gulags like guatenameo bay.

    H MF says:

    They put down a US sponsored ‘revolution’ they should celebrate that.

    Nick Z says:

    The West was naive thinking a market economy would have changed China.

    Phil 54 says:

    one of the failed CIA colour revolution

    Jarrod Yuki says:

    autocracy is more responsive and efficient than democracy.

    sri krishna says:

    ccp must collapse

    Yu Zihao says:

    I know 6.4 event since I was 15 and I know people around me knew it as well but I don't see this how impact my life or people around me

    JF DING says:

    The Chinese Communist Party government is a very great government. They have withstood the pressure from the West to think purely with reason and will not be kidnapped by any political correctness. It is precisely because of such an extremely rational and even ruthless government that humanity has witnessed the rise of another superpower.

    bigcok45 says:

    CCP will crumble

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