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  • Cover of Roky Erickson – For You

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  • Well, unfortunately Roky Erickson has passed. He definitely lived a life and was a very interesting dude, but also had a lot of under-the-radar influence. There is a documentary about him called “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, which is where I got this version of his song from.

    My video is similar to his except, instead of a giant painting of that woman in the background, it’s his record in the background. And, instead of a closeup of feet (?) I didn’t do that. You’re welcome.

    Anyway, that’s my little tribute to Roky Erickson.. wherever he is now, hopefully he is still making music and still has that awesome shirt and mustache.

    Roky Erickson - For You

    From the documentary You're Gonna Miss Me


    torikyuu says:

    Beautiful! As always, I love hearing you sing ☺️ thank you for sharing your covers with us

    ekh nosens says:

    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen (and i mean it)

    Gashlycrumb Tiny says:

    RIP Roky Erickson

    glad to see you still posting!!

    Isabella Aguilar says:

    Beautiful tribute. ❤️

    Tricia Rivera says:

    Glad you're back again! Missed your videos!

    Alice Schu says:

    Thanks for sparing us the foot visual 😂
    Great cover 👌🏼

    m j says:

    You are my loveling and i say thank yu very much my best ,,😍

    Nikita Khanna says:

    Too short 💔 more pls!!

    Tobie Kotchilea says:

    Great video! Looking forward to the new one next year.

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