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  • Deontay Wilder "I'M THE BRONX BOMBER" – FULL MEDIA Q&A | vs. Dominic Breazeale

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    Deontay Wilder “THE BRONX BOMBER” – FULL MEDIA Q&A | vs. Dominic Breazeale | Filmed by Derrel Johnson.

    #Boxing #WilderBreazeale

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    kamal Raji says:

    This dudes asking stupid biased questions

    D Bradz says:

    I'm from Manchester England, would like to know if anybody from new York actually does call this hype job the Bronx bomber??????

    Jay A says:


    Olasunkanmi Lakerz says:

    I tried to fight him 5 times is he’s new narrative,watch and his dumb sheep followers start repeating same lie…

    Dava Vanz says:

    Wilder the breaker of chains and mother of all bullshit at least Tyson fury has the skill to back his mouth gotta be Tyson and AJ for a real fight

    heaven knight says:

    'TIL THIS DAY!!!

    MICHAEL N says:

    You cannot even sellout a small arena in Your hometown!!! You are getting KNOCKED OUT Saturday night!! Bank on it!

    punashmann says:

    Can a wilder fan boy tell me when he tried to make the AJ 5x ? Other then the debunked 50m when was the others?

    Todd Bellino says:

    Usual people like this are being carried away in a straight jacket

    bobeagle007 says:

    Bob Marley wouldn't appreciate the negativity you spout. He would call you a crazy baldhead who should be run outta town..

    stewart fletcher says:

    this prick should take ali s name out of his mouth cant wait till he gets smashed

    Justin Marshall says:

    🤦the hate this man gets is so undeserving

    My best call o kills Sgt001 says:

    Just a question from uk fan as I might not fully understand the New York boroughs. But I’m pretty sure Brooklyn and the bronx are two seperate boroughs so I don’t quite get the correlation of being a bronx bomber in Brooklyn????? A little help would be appreciated as I’m pretty sure when he says this he thinks it’s the same place. I could be wrong.

    Cecil Wooten says:

    More dislikes than likes. If youre not hated youre not rated

    benji230 says:

    You are a punk, a fool, and a clown. Biggest waste of time. Holding up the Heavyweight division and Boxing in general.

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