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    Nissan Jackson says:

    Most biased shit I’ve ever heard, so much hate for this man smh. What’s wrong with you social media reporters it’s either hate or racism smh disgusting hearing Americans hate on there champion fucking clowns 🤡

    Adam Brake says:

    If Wilder gets in the ring with Joshua….Deontay won't be catching the body…..but he might get bodied himself🙏🤞

    Black Wall Street says:

    😭😭 cry me a river. Boxing isn't for the faint hearted. BOMB SQUAD!!!

    jim calhoun says:

    lol wilder not saving dazn gay j is desperate and irrevelent here in the states..nobody cares about this foreigner

    the don says:

    deontay chicken legs wilder only fights bums…
    fuck dontae and ego

    HG13 Johnny Ringold says:

    HES UNDER MK ULTRA![explaining his white manager/handler & his Rejection to the DAZN$ Contract & Rejecting the chance to be Undisputed]JK!..[hes just a Classless Ignorant Racist Imature Mentally Psycothic Bafoon]Whos Obviously Being Protected Til' This Day! TIL' THIS DAY!!😂🥊

    Peter Williams says:

    I know it's a long shot but I hope Wilder gets beat, because Dominic Breazeale comes over as a decent guy. Wilder and Fury are both full of shit and running scared of Joshua and Whyte.

    Boxing Expert says:

    Wilder is a clown i wouldn't waste a penny on watching hin try to box

    j b says:

    If everybody had this attitude instead of PROTECTING Wilder maybe we would get the AJ fight.

    Too many fanboys condone this sort of behaviour, it’s no good for boxing.

    Marsaille Canty says:

    Bomb squad all day everyday if you like it I love it speak it believe it receive it till this day #andstill and soon to be one face one name the man is just on a mission y'all to be the best

    Mei. Kanzaki says:

    There should be a revolution in the boxing industry, to expose all these fakers, duckers bums, specially the offers made even contracts.

    Nathaniel Mackinnon says:

    American disgrace! 😂😂😂

    Owen Bryan says:

    Your downplaying Fury fight. He had two tune ups and I thought he looked better in the fight against Wilder than Klitscho. Also only one opponent Wilder title defense was outside the WBC top 10. Everyone else was. DAZN at the current moment lacks the exposure the other networks can provide fighters to the public.

    Ibk Aki says:

    5 times ??? Wilder means he offered Aj 5 offers ,wilder love lies cos his demented fans 'll follow like 🐑🐑🐑

    Anthony Lopez says:

    Mike Tyson used to think the same way what's the difference

    marcos gutierrez says:

    International Boy fans podcast

    marcos gutierrez says:

    This is so funny to me everything you are saying about Wilder I feel the same about Canelo yes he is popular yes he sells pay-per-views yes he is rich but he is not the real champion just like Wilder he was gifted a belt several belts so you can literally right the same thing you did about Wilder about Canelo and that is what makes you a fan boy ibf p

    Joey Ocean says:


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