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  • Deontay Wilder, We tried With Anthony Joshua 5 times & They Denied Me #deontaywilder #AnthonyJoshua

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  • #deontaywilder #AnthonyJoshua #shellyfinkle #excuses #duckseason
    Cant seem to get his story straight, what do you make of these shenanigans?
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    702 LAS VEGAS REBEL says:

    Wilder speaks propaganda it's the same shit over and over and ppl can read through the bullshit

    The last English man says:

    Fury smacked this dude senseless he knows he lost and every time he speaks he lies, I'm done with the bum

    Cheri Smith says:

    Ther can only be two reasons one that they all know including him that he loses or al haymon knows he loses

    Tim Ellis says:

    What a bullshitter "everyone knows the truth that hes scared shitless of Joshua.

    saheed soleye says:

    Wilder his an idiot he has achieved what he wanted to achieved by using Joshua name to promote himself he never wanted to fight AJ in the first place

    Ebenezer Owusu Afriyie says:

    Please somebody give wilder plate of yams and some greens and tell him to sit at the corner of the room quietly. Every time that opens his mouth you can't help but think he has mental issues. 5 offer can he named them, fake 50 million has been debunked already

    Raphael Dawkins Combat Radio says:

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    Leighton Evelyn says:

    If there is a god please let this disgrace of a heavyweight champion lose

    Jonnyblaze 33 says:

    1st offer $12.5m, Wilder offered $50m to AJ with 24 hrs deadline, offered increased to 15m ,another offer to include Dillian or any other fighter, another was to double his highest pay followed by 40% and $100/$120m. I guess he meant the offers AJ sent to him.

    The Geezer says:

    Deontay how are you mentally?I'm mentally dillusional.was it not the other way round AJ offering Wilder the contracts lol.he needs to stop taking head shots.he is a lost cause.i don't think he understands what he says.

    Chidi Ugorji says:

    how come no one knows about these 5 times

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