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  • Detroit Lions Miss Out on Another Bargain Deal | Patriots Signed Jamie Collins For 1 Yr 1 Million!!!

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    Kyle Renneberg says:

    Not better then Jarrod Davis. Lmao

    Jon Kapler says:

    lmfao hahahha I love ur take on the bobby q impersonation. (OH IF I KNEW THE PATS WANTED HIM OR THE DOLPHINS WANTED HIM WE WOULDA TAKE HIM)lmfao 200% true if some pats team wanted him we woulda taken him lol. I bet they didn't even try to go after him. ya they go after guys n bad risks but they WANNA LOOK SOOOO SMART LIKE LOOK WHAT WE DID WITH A C PLAYER instead of going after grade A talent they wanna say we won with shit players.  they wanna do something unherd of n make up for 60 years of failure in one year with shit players coach um up n be the best n only underdog story ever DUMB ASS MOFOS

    Jon Kapler says:

    go figure lol

    George Morgan says:

    Lol him and Patricia didnt get along with each other

    Dave Roberts says:

    He was great years ago and we can't sign every one. Maybe Patricia in NE helped shipped to Cleveland in the first place. They know all about him. Or maybe he didn't want to come to Detroit.

    Michael Skrip says:

    Who says that the Lions didn't try to sign him ? Maybe he didn't want to come here it takes two sides to make a deal. Are there any players on the Lions roster that you do like? Doesn't seem that way , according to you every free agent out there is better than what the Lions already have. I get it that the Lions haven't proven anything yet but to sit there and say that there's no talent on this team is ridiculous.

    Fred Jackson says:

    The bar is set so low Bob Queen get more credit for doing what

    Sipp troit says:

    You complain bout them bringing in Patriots but get mad about a freelancer back

    The best says:

    You made a mistake and almost said the (Pistons) lol them too.

    Aaron Robinson says:

    They don't need no more New England Patriots

    Guthe Guthe says:

    He might don’t fit they Scheme

    Clay money says:

    He does his own thing toooooo much

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