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  • Dominic Breazeale explains WHY he dislikes Deontay Wilder ahead of their fight | Toe 2 Toe

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    Dominic Breazeale sits down with Matt Macklin to answer your tweets on Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and more!
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    Robert Terefa says:

    Please win mate

    Jack H-S says:

    Phahahha talking bout mike Tyson like he’s shit, knock any heavyweight out today in his prime

    Scrimpy Gore says:

    Wilder has freakish power brezeale doesn’t have that so he can’t even compare his right hand to wilders gtfoh

    Sean Crawford says:

    Did Dominic just spit in the eye of Big George Forman? I think so.


    I believe u DB. Yes you can beat Wilder! Speak it, Believe it and Receive it!

    yolol says:

    wilder will knock him spark out. i hope this man is able to walk afterwards.

    heman691 says:

    Wilder has started copying fury’s behaviour has nobody noticed except me.

    jack mccullough says:

    I hope Wilder gets his ass kicked cocky prick

    Deryl Robinson says:

    I cant see Brezeale winning this…Too slow ..wilder moves more athletically faster but i hope he can do it you never know!!

    HaulYouNeedisLove says:

    Good luck, Dominic, you seem a nice guy. An upset is always fun, but lose those moobs, go that last 10% and unleash your real potential.

    zak iqbal says:

    I like Dominic and I wish him best of luck

    william gone says:

    This guy can actually knock Dontay out…

    Cmax g2G says:

    Another opponent who’s fought Aj and now Wilder. Let’s see what the difference is 😅

    pretty gd says:

    If brezeale wins my lord wilder best stop the chat lol guys the fakest don in da scene

    OnDaO'BlockTheyRun says:

    I am literally going to pray for Dominic breazeale to win this fight ! He has got to beat wilder at his game , rough him up on the inside and keep pressure on him for 12 round , he can do it.

    Mr Blobby 456 says:

    I'm no fan of Wilder, so I'm kinda hoping Breazeale wins. But if Wilder loses, we may never see an undisputed title fight between him and Joshua

    SHARK BITE says:

    This clown has zero chance. With hie saggy ass tits

    OnDaO'BlockTheyRun says:

    I would be so happy if breazeale wins , I will literally jump out my seat if he wins !

    OnDaO'BlockTheyRun says:

    This reporter is a bit odd

    MR05 WRD says:

    Probably my favourite American boxer, knows his place and down to earth. And doesn't talk shit like the rest.

    justin jennings says:

    I'm prying you knock the living shit out of the angry octopus after the things he has been saying

    You gotta concentrate 110% and stick to your game plan

    Moussa Mrabet says:

    I just have this weird feeling that DB is gonna win, hopefully I'm right.

    stcpFC says:

    Wilder is probably the most hated boxer ever hence why he has no fans, a year or 2 ago I really wanted wilder to bust up Aj but now the tables have turned and I would love to see Aj smash the arrogance off this guys face

    Silver Back says:

    He looks slimmer and faster to be fair

    stcpFC says:

    This is starting to remind me of the haye bellew fight, you have one arrogant c*** and you have of course a guy who’s absolutely adamant he is going to win and win easy

    tlig says:

    This would not be an easy fight for Wilder but he will come through in the end. People underestimate that man's will.

    W Kiyani says:

    Good Luck Breazale

    curt fowler says:

    Brezale should celebrate when he wins by taking a shit on wilder

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