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  • Election Results: Amarinder Singh Blames Navjot Sidhu-Pak Army Chief Hug For Punjab Losses

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  • Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday claimed that cabinet colleague Navjot Singh Sidhu’s remarks on Pakistan and the ongoing investigation into the Guru Granth Sahib desecration may have affected the party’s performance in urban areas of the state, especially Bathinda. He said he will raise the issue with the Congress high command soon.

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    Singh Singh says:

    To people of india, captain and badals are friends, badals make captain win from patiala by putting weak candidate, and captain does the same for badals. People of punjab are so much against badals that sukhbir and harsimrat badal couldnt win, but with help of captain, parkash badal won in 2017 coz. Captain himself to contest to divide the votes of AAP so badal can win

    Jay Mahakal says:

    Really ? What about PRAGYA THAKUR?

    Sudhakar Maniam says:

    When is Sidhu resigning ?
    Rahul lost in Amethi.

    Mahesh Raosaheb says:

    Sidhuji you have done great job in Congress, now join TMC and destroy Didi also with your stupidity 🙂

    Shivani Kaushik says:

    Punjab has voted in amarinder singh's name not congress or rahul 's…if they let him go, nothing can save the party ! Moreover siddhu is a liability .

    Indian At heart and Soul says:

    Navjot itna intelligent hain pata naheen thaaa.
    Dikhane keliye Modi chor chor bola. Fir Modi ke plan ko use kar ke Congress join kiya.
    Fir aise kaam kiye ke Congress haar gaya.
    Rahul Baba ko Khadde mein daal diya Siddu ne.

    nikhil vm says:

    Captain can certainly lead Congress with the kind of stern image he has!

    karan kumar says:

    Great captain sahab. Kiss that guy out. He is a comedian not politician

    Divyansh Mohit says:

    Listen Rahul Gandhi I'm a Modi supporter but I'm against the idea of BJP. Our country needs a strong opposition. Please Make Capt. Amrinder Singh or Sashi Tharoor congress chief if you wants to see a strong congress. If you wants to see congress back in power in 2024.

    mukesh mukesh kumaŕ says:

    I will vote for Congress if this men is presidential candidate from Congress.. But first of all flush these farji gandhis

    Suman Maji says:

    I am a BJP supporter but I admire captain amrinderji ….raga should resign from party Chief and captain ji should become the new party Chief for stronger opposition

    Kiran Kumar says:

    Sidhu ko saleko juto se maro isine congress ki naiyya doboi ye bjp ka agent hai

    Jashobanta Parida says:

    Ravish Kumar kal raat se Gannd mein burf dal ke soya hai zalan ab tak nhi kam ho rha..,🤣🤣🤣😂

    Shamim Iqbal says:

    Is me kisi ko blame mat kijye. Yeh Sara khel gine chund shaitano ka hai jo EVM ka hramipan ka khel khel rahe hain.

    Savitha Prabhu says:

    This lady is cool unlike tukde gang member Nidhi

    sudhakar naik says:

    Day and night dreaming sickuler . Irritating word

    Ramamurthy Rajagopalan says:

    Siddhu – cat in the lap?

    Yashmilan Kaur says:

    Shame on you captain.
    You are not a true sikh.
    A sikh supports even after the damage of opponent. He can't discriminate humans. Pakistanis are not aliens .They are also doing the same what we are supposed to do.
    Again I must say here elections are not the ultimate. Your principles are the real success to achieve.sidhu is a true ambassador. .

    Md Kalimullah says:

    Amrinder Singh visionary leader h.

    Md Kalimullah says:

    Congress ka performance kerala and punjab mae hi achcha raha. Ek trah se izzat bcha li otherwise zero seat milti

    big guy says:

    Captain unless u throw this big mouth sycophant Pakis agent out of ur cabinet,u will survive. This so called sidhu is Buddu same as pappu ,just knows to build things by his mouth .selfish ashole and his wife arrogance is low all rested in peice.

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