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  • Ep. 73 – A Really Cool Journey With Frank Caliendo : The Pat McAfee Show

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  • On today’s show, Pat is joined in studio by probably the world’s greatest impressionist, actor and comedian, the man of 1,000 voices, Frank Caliendo. They have an incredible chat that ranges from Frank’s career doing impressions, the life that he has lived to this point and what some of the seminal moments were to get him to this point in his career, some of the fears and anxiety’s that he has trying to further his career in the digital age through Instagram and Twitter, what aspirations he still has for comedy, and some of the things he has learned from Pat trying to reinvent himself through podcasts and other forms of media. This is maybe one of the deepest and realest conversations we’ve ever had, and not one that should be missed (3:45-1:28:15). Pat also covers the Knicks being screwed out of the NBA draft lottery, gives a couple thoughts on the NBA playoffs now that we’re down to the conference finals, and chats about Jamie Collins potentially going back to New England, as Pat remembers him jumping over Matt Overton to block an Adam Vinatieri extra point, which sends him down memory lane as to why he can’t stand Walt Anderson. Today’s show is a great one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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    Colts fan4 Life says:

    Man why can’t my name be Rico caliendo

    Tyler Fankhauser says:

    Digz face watching Zito read is priceless

    Balta _ YGO says:

    Cuzzziee! Coming to ol Bako!

    rockwontdie12345 says:


    Humphrey Family Homestead says:

    Never really liked frank, and this interview didn’t really change my opinion.

    Peyton Tanner says:

    Great Show! Not everyone knows geometry. You'll get it next time Zito.

    Joe Nelson says:

    Honestly never cared for Caliendo…
    Before today's podcast Boyz.
    I like that it got a little real, Pat dropped some social medias on the guest, and yinz were even funnier than usual. But seriously your best show since the reboot (I'd even call it an upgrade).

    Corey Vaillancourt says:

    i'm just here for the lou holtz impression…..and i was not disappointed….love every minute of this

    Lincoln Hawthorne says:

    Picture him and the sound effects guy working together!

    Nathan Hegg says:

    I wish I could come to indy and organize that studio for pat. It's getting out of control.

    Matt Seifert says:

    Gorms is a legend! How could you hate the guy?

    Eric Moore says:

    This is the duo. Monday night football…. stay with me…… podcast summary shows dissecting the gameplay and commentary while waiting for the contracts for the current hosts to run out to then….. full color commentate Monday night

    JobyButlerHasAPodcast says:

    Patty Mac & The Boys uploading another banger.

    Jacabo Blanco says:

    Pat, just finally found your Rough and Rowdy appearance 😂

    Everything you touch turns to gold 😂

    Jerrott Abernethy says:

    Pat…. you HAVE to get Joey on the show. You and Coco together would be fucking amazing

    Golden Lich King says:


    Shawn Robertson says:

    Already listened to half this shit in the car… straight gold

    Rj Robledo says:


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