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  • Ex-Barca Fan Reacting to Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona Highlights…

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    Ekram Abbas says:

    You should show respect for Liverpool bro , if you’re a football fan in general.

    Chris Long says:

    Bro realli liverpool my team for life idc if they loose win draw. You don't change teams

    jamie everett says:

    Why the fuck should you get paid??? You dont play football professionally. Go cry you lil baby bitch.

    Schwarzie Long says:

    Barcelona and Real only win the CL because they are so experienced in it due to qualifying every year because the rest of the teams (bar 1) in La Liga are shit. They and Real spank all the other teams week in, week out which breeds confidence to take into the CL. In the Premier League teams have to earn their spurs, and every team can beat every other on their day. Messi is not the GOAT imo and he's not fit to lace Maradona's boots. Messi's won nothing with his country whereas Maradona won a World Cup virtually on his own. Also, Messi's goal tally of 600 goals, whilst mightily impressive, has mostly been amassed scoring against the also rans of La Liga. Ronaldo has played in England and scored 118 goals in 292 games which, whilst not as high as his La Liga tally, is understandable giving how much harder the Premier League is than La Liga. Respect to him, he did it, whilst Messi has stayed enjoying the easy life spanking gcrap teams in Spain. This "Ex-Barca Fan" clearly knows fuck all about football and is just a glory hunter following the latest hot ticket (now that Barca are not so hot he's an 'ex' fan).

    demileigh347 says:

    You obviously care

    Nikolai Antonsson says:

    I think Barca need real fans mate.

    Dhruv Pathak says:

    Fuck Barca and fuck barca fans ….

    Kotchinsky Chess Challenge says:

    Say "I don't care" 1 more time & I might believe you 😀

    Got to admit you were out played!

    StarScream7ZZ says:

    here's a tip for future support. Just support whoever wins!!! that way you are happy happy joy joy all the f*cking time. No pain. No sadness. No pent up anger and tears. Just pure bliss. Up in the clouds with the motherf*cking care bears!!!

    Also you never know who you are going to supporting year on year. A surprise new team every year………….get the f*ck outta here!!!

    Paul says:

    Why are people giving this guy shit? He is understandably upset at his team losing a 3-0 lead. I would be the same.

    Paul says:

    "Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe shit" 😂😂🤣🤣

    Marcus__1892 says:

    Didn’t know Tyler the creator was a Barca fan

    Simmo says:

    But you don’t care 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gamer 4 life says:

    If you can't support us when we lose,don't celebrate when we win.

    Chris M says:

    So you don't film your genuine reaction to the live game but you film your reaction to the highlights after you already know what happens? You and Barcelona can share this dislike.

    Alif Amirullah says:

    Ex fan? couldn’t get more plastic than that mate

    Rock Dude says:

    End of this vid is funny a f

    Tom Hans says:

    Do some people really think that Liverpool FC are new to this level of competition. Why be so surprised if Barcelona lost.
    Man, 5x Euro champs is Liverpool. Show respect.

    jjmarz1001 says:

    Messi is a pecho frio. Look it up.

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