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  • Farrah Abraham Says She Hopes For The Best For Jenelle Evans | TMZ Live

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  • Farrah Abraham seems genuine when saying she’s rooting for Jenelle to get better.

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    Esu Mom says:

    Who The Hell🔥 Can Take FA Seriously When Her Eyebrows are Worse Than JE?!?!??

    Misty Lee says:

    Shut up Farrah! As if you don’t have a record.

    S says:

    All that money and she is using magic markers for her eyebrows

    Wallace Wong says:

    Looks like Kim Kardashian without make up..

    Michelle says:

    Lol she thinks shes cute. Thats whats so funny. Shes so fugly. I wouldnt wipe my ass with that.

    P.S. Farrah fix your face. Get more surgeries lol.

    Adela Perez says:

    Farrah don’t worry about Jenelle she’ll be joining you soon on those porn videos.🤭😱

    Coco Avalon says:

    OMG she intentionally went to test drive a car so she could do this interview in the backseat and pretend like she's still important enough to have a driver.. Horse face is incapable of being genuine.

    Alma Fregoso says:

    Her poor face looks like a drawing from a 5 year old

    Jeremy Dickman says:

    33 seconds, and I'm laughing. This would be a great video clip, for reasons not to get plastic surgery. With them lips, she could be unconscious and still not drown.

    A Santi says:

    Ok women please, when you have so much facial cosmetics surgery done you start to resemble a trans person. I can’t look at women that had her nose done, cheeks, lips and not question if there a man or women.

    Miss_tree Liv says:

    And learn how to do your eyebrows properly. It looks gross like you….

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