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  • First Reviews For Men In Black International Are Weak

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    Nicolas Lara – Hey John and Crew, so the MIB: International reviews have come out and they aren’t great. It’s around 30% on RT and 5.8 on IMDB. Do you think that this will affect the overall box office numbers? Or will it still succeed? Thanks and bring on the filthy! 🙂

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    Avengers Endgame Will Not Catch Avatar: Should It Re-Release To Do It - The John Campea Show

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    On today's episode of The John Campea Show (Thursday, June 13th 2019) John discusses the following topics:

    - A Quiet Place 2 Will Explore Monsters Origins
    - Sylvest Stallone Says More Rambo Could Follow Last Blood
    - First Reviews For Men In Black International Are Weak
    - Could Dark Phoenix Failure Hurt X-Men’s Future Under Marvel
    - Should Avengers Endgame Do A Re-Release To Try to Catch Avatar
    - Future Ant-Man Movies In Doubt Says Paul Rudd
    - New Shaft Movie Holds Reviews Until Day Movie Opens

    And Much More!

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    Steve Erickson says:

    a few films i think only work because of the original actors….i loved will smith in this role growing up….am i the only one

    Omar Hudson says:

    Tessa Thompson is so overrated. I don't understand why Hollywood is forcing her down our throats.Telling us we should like her.

    ampecsu says:

    Chris's neck is too long and his shoulders are narrow. Tessa a has a weird shaped head. Made me instantly hate the movie b4 seeing it.

    cfg908 says:

    The movie looks horrible

    Scottish Slav 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 says:

    Don't call it that it's Humans in Black

    JustaKoreanGuy says:

    MIB has 30% on RT. Gasp.

    Rev To Redline says:

    Saw it last night not only did people walk out early but someone threw their popcorn at the screen and then tripped and fell down the stairs so.🤷🤷

    Cam Lucas says:

    Sony milking everything they can lol

    Alan Garcia Cardenas says:

    FilmAffinity is a pretty reliable fan-rating site.
    Any movie or tv-series above 7.6 is almost certainly good. (And anything below 5.4 is almost certainly not good)

    Jordan Hurd says:

    I’m confused, he hates IMDb but loves Box Office Mojo, which is a part of IMDb.

    Peter D says:

    It's been out in various international markets.

    robhans5 says:

    "Film didn't open yet!!!!!!!" Like, you know that there are other countries, right? Like with movie card I could see this movie like week ago. + In most countries this film already open.

    Sebastian M says:

    1 in 3 is a terrible ratio john 😂

    Jaheel Frederick says:

    The first trailer threw some feminist jokes. Pretty sure that killed it. The why is it called “men”in black

    blaqpirate says:

    Comon sense, if the the movie dipped with the orginal, and way bigger movie stars, this one would do great breaking even.

    Joe C says:

    This is a situation of like TERMINATOR without arnold and a great director people arent gonna take it seriously. I love the actors and actresses in this movie but its gonna seem like karaoke for now. I havent seen this movie yet but as far as critics are concerned they have a closed mind ive noticed. I like movies from the bottom of the barrel so im sure this movie will be fun.

    Jordan D. says:

    Further proves that Chris is box office poison outside of the mcu.

    Raghu Seetharaman says:

    I am pulling a double header with Shaft and MIB: International tonight.

    DayTripper says:

    Marvel actors suck outside marvel movies

    C. Harr says:

    and now it's at 26%! like damn what is going on….critics ain't having shit this summer lol

    Christopher D. says:


    why do some superhero/comic book films that get critically slammed tank at the box office while others which
    also get critically slammed make a truck load of $$$?

    Jordy 54 says:

    Why do studios keep pushing out these poor movies the audience isn’t gullible and the box office returns speak for themselves, is there just a hit and hope strategy now 🤔

    MrBunnymaan says:

    the movie is not good,,, some will like it… but in general its not really good .. wich is actually sad

    chrisgangsta says:

    To me men in black is will smith

    chrisgangsta says:

    The reviews say is boring and very forgetable so John will probably love it.

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