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    Damian Mohamed says:

    How you mean mud ..boom ms 😂😂😂

    mixx up thingz ßéléçtør ækáßh says:

    Ofc the lie detector will blow up ms 😂

    N Shaw says:

    There are all hunger Bailly withe mouth a bunch of lieing corrupt thieves… Fool's

    Roland Parsram says:

    Lie Detector test in process: Mr Patterson did President………………… Boom skunt lol………..

    Raymond Khan says:

    Pppc is back in power an i going to happy for that

    sherry khan says:

    Mudwata u need to investigate the millions of dollar that was transfer to brooms children account n Jordan saying it’s for scholarship 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    JerisonPlayz says:

    i have no confidence in the PPP, notice under the coalition government, the country has had lots of development, but its hard to trust, if there was a government like that and always truthful, i would give them my vote 100%

    Sadiki Akil says:


    brandis younge says:

    Hey punk STFU

    It's Classified says:

    Ofc skunt that lie detector machine gonna blow up

    Jason Persaud says:

    That lie detector gon blow up ms and finally granger go tek our taxes and repair it back smh

    ms camille says:

    Blow to the moon boy.

    Floyd Allicock says:

    😰😒😒 TIRED OF THE PPP & APNU 😴😴 With these parties back and forth BS this country destine for doom. SHAMEFUL! SMH!

    O B says:

    Why don't all of you stop talking skunt,and get to the issue, Guyana has a basic black and Indian issue. So, who talking against the current government is because of race and not issues. As I see it, the government can give every Indian a free house, you'll still criticize and vote cup. come election time.

    John Ali says:

    They wanna violate we demonstrate they better don't dey pun SKUNT,,they coalition government so confident in winning y u delaying time y'all best DON'T Fucking try rigging,,,,,ccj should JAIL THEM ALL, basil willy is a Dunce,,,PPP.C is my family MEMBERS,,,,,,3+ YEARS in power which promise u deliver to young people in Guyana,,,Lil Brown said it no proper Jobs for young people WITH or without qualifications,,,share lil thieves around,,,

    Rosetta Jaisingh says:

    It gon blow up ms

    Roy Sookram says:

    Mud when your dumb ass hole for a president tell you that the highest court is wrong to say GECOM ass hole is unconstitutional what does that tell you they will rig the election

    Mirza Khan says:

    The people of Guyana don't have a voice the government only have a voicemail Ramcharran no no no ?

    Dhaniram Lachoo says:

    Lock up d bhai dem boys is a laff

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