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  • Huge Gas covered object Caught on Satellite near the Sun. 4.0 Cleveland Earthquake. Flooding

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  • Planet X News video on Gas covered object- https://youtu.be/LaEYjnOQeI8

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    Planet X News - Mind Blowing Planet X Captures as Seen on STEREO COR-2 June 9th, 2019

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    Adam weird world view says:

    Love how man doing drain did not even acknowledge the silly driver…lol

    Glenn S says:

    yeah, I'm going to say 6 inches of water. Not 2 feet. But that's still a lot of water!

    Sheryl Huffman says:

    I watched it Scott's Channel and I also shared the video.

    Sheryl Huffman says:

    I don't think that this is the same thing that has been going around the sun every 28 days because this has debris around it and he has not mention this before. I think this could be Nemisis or what is also called the winged destroyer because the elliptical orbit and the iron oxide debris around it .

    BBD 61 says:

    Is it getting bigger or anything? I mean to say it is getting closer

    mojo 410 Captain Caveman says:

    Hey neighbor…watch this. Lol .

    Sheryl Huffman says:

    This was on Saturday and I remember that because I have a potted tree and when the wind came through the potted tree got blown over and that was not the first time it happened .

    BBD 61 says:

    That guy is a idiot, driving by like that

    Toni Angelina says:

    That happened last week in Coalinga CA

    open minded says:

    Would be even funnier if he aqua planed into a tree.

    somarmairim says:

    there was also an earthquake on the 6/9 here in New Zealand, on the south island where there are no faults, it’s was also 4.5 and we are on the southern hemisphere which is the 6/8 on the northern hemisphere… very interesting!

    freedomzvision says:

    Thanks for your work. There is only 'one' frame showing the spiral object top right at STEREO Ahead EUVI 304 2019-06-01 12:16:15. One frame is that enough evidence?

    lori hively says:

    Is this Ezekiel's wheel? Signs in the sun the moon and the stars. Jesus is coming soon to the earth for the second time. He comes in judgement this time. Please get to know Him on a personal level. Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins. He loves us. He laid down His life, the perfect man without sin, a ransom paid for many. God Bless us all and please have mercy.

    Sprocket Rages says:

    20:00 in , looks like that other image you found in upper right corner of the capture , the shadowy line across it looks like it could be the border of a poor airbrushed 'scrub' …?

    Mazzharia Mazzharia says:

    Incoming planetary system is now here

    Roger Cunningham says:

    Thanks Blue 👍

    Kenny Crowder says:

    It's on a salt mine please look at this they have mind salt for long long time

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