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  • Is Ayesha Curry a THOTiyanna??

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    jeva stfort says:

    Woooow it makes me sad at your commentary. You have a way of deducing people in with your words. It’s very unbecoming. Mrs. Ayesha Curry is no Thot by any means. She’s modest & a very nice woman. Of all the celebrity wives one would want their daughter to look up to Ayesha. Her honesty in saying she would like” to know “other men think she attractive is nothing wrong in that. That doesn’t mean she isn’t content with her husband.She’s a young mother and wife to a famous ball player. One could imagine the kind of attention her husband gets. So he would never have to say that he would like to know other women find him attractive . Ayeshas career is no “little”side hustle. She’s a restauranteur, a chef, and has her own kitchen appliances at Target. Just bc her husband could provide doesn’t mean she has to lose her identity and not do her own thing. It’s disrespectful to reduce her to thot for being honest.

    Msboochie2 says:

    Wanting to feel like your still desirable after putting on a few pounds, doesn’t make her a THOT. It seems you are using this word, without knowing the meaning. I hope so, I hope you’re not calling her a whore just because she wants to feel like she’s still attractive sometimes. I don’t know if you’ve had children or not, after putting your body through three children it changes. She is an attractive young woman and probably got a lot of male attention at one time, she is feeling a little insecure about her body. Some of us older women act as if we were never young, and always knew everything. It’s a bit difficult the transition from your 20’s into your 30’s. She’s got plenty to do besides the children, her cooking show, her kitchen ware, and cosmetics brand. Young women are pressured to be the perfect mother, wife, and business woman all while looking like a model. In particular, a basketball wife is subject to unyielding scrutiny about her looks, coming from younger women with no children who are also throwing themselves at her husband. Cut her some slack my goodness! As older women who have been through these transitions, we should help younger women navigate these obstacles instead of criticizing them. Constructive criticism is the key.

    Whitney Titus says:

    I find this whole thing hilarious. Mrs.Curry is a year older than me. I’m married as well but no children. I’m not conventionally attractive by any means but my husband is always certain that some guy is staring at me or checking me out whenever we are out and about. I’m certain I never see this behavior (probably because I’m minding my business). It’s just not something I think about. So I do find it odd that a woman like Mrs.Curry, who from the outside looking in, has absolutely everything any woman would want would say something like that. It’s not enough that she’s been blessed with the best the world has to offer but now she wants a throne too. 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤣

    Chocolate City Girl says:

    Shalam! Fam, APTTMHY I just heard about it I still don’t know what’s going on. Women like that still have some self esteem problems. She still don’t know her worth. She has a on stabled mind. She’s complaining over something that doesn’t make any sense. She’s really good but she don’t think she is… She’s all in her own head. She’s very immature She’s very childish. Just foolish I tell You just foolish

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