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  • Is the Patriots Signing of Jamie Collins a Smart Decision? | Patriots Roundtable

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  • Jamie Collins is returning to where his NFL career first got its start.

    For the past couple of years, the linebacker saw his name on the back of a Cleveland Browns jersey. Lackluster performance and mediocre stats couldn’t live up to the massive contract he signed, so the team dumped him.

    Knowing they were shallow at the position, the New England Patriots hopped at the opportunity to bring back one of their former star players. But should the rumors of his freelance style and absence of motivation worry the coaches?

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    BeastMode 21 says:

    Looks like we are going into a 3-4 defense more often. Can't complain when Hightower and Van Noy can set the edges(Oh and Michael Bennet the perfect player to balance out those snaps with others). With Bentley and Collins manning coverage and blitzing. Also Guy and Pennel stuffing up the middle.

    Its pretty interesting when looking at the defensive personnel Belichick has brought on his roster. I don't exactly know what he is planning with all these DBs brought in but it'll be fun to find out. Kinda have a feeling that Bill is going to have a year like Andy Reid had with KC's Offense last year but except on the defensive side. The versatility this roster has in potential is staggering. Up to execution to see if it pans out.

    Jeremy Snead says:

    He is a atudd 100 tackle a year player.

    P Pumpkin says:

    Patriots got a lot of new players this year – they can't all make the 53 man roster. I hope he doesn't have a lot of guaranteed money.

    Dislodged Hunters says:

    I could do with a shorter in video promo. I know they need to do it but they already had one at the start as well.

    Russ Hartman says:

    Another stroke of genius from the genius.
    Saw this coming a few years ago.

    Rodney Frost says:

    JC is also a semi-freak of an athlete. He's still got to pass the "Bill" test, and conform to the "Bill Belichick way". (Bill's way or the highway)

    Seto Kaiba First of his name Bottle says:

    He was an absolute superstar..all pro in 2015 they win 2017 with him on the field barring his injury

    hollister lowe says:

    He’s an amazing player as long as he follows the scheme that BB will be directing this year. Remember the AFC Championship game against Denver in 2016? He went off script and got burned by the Denver TE for two td’s that we never recovered from!

    Phil Perri says:

    As long as Collins doesn't try to freelance and he gets along in the locker room, he is a great resigning. He had 104 tackles in 2018. That's a damn good season. He is fast. He is disruptive. He will help the Patriots pass rush. The defense is in good shape if their veterans all recover from any past injuries and last the season.

    Adolph Balderaz says:

    The white boy talks too much and rambles too much white boy shut up

    Diesel Johnson says:

    Why does everyone hate on elandon roberts? Dude is a beast, in his role

    Diesel Johnson says:

    It makes perfect sense because they are not only changing the offense but also the defense! Gonna be a more 3-4 front, need LBs for that

    Diesel Johnson says:

    When we drafted him he was instantly one of my favorite players and then he went off the reservation but i think he appreciates the Patriot way now so i am expecting some big things and we need him so great move!

    midarius witherspoon says:

    Patriots come out on top again. They traded him for a 3rd rounder in his contract year. Got him back for cheap.

    Frank Lyons says:

    are you in your bathroom?

    FuckYour Feelings says:

    I think he learned his lesson. If he did this defense is fucking stacked. Van Noy, Hightower and Bentley are going to be solid we know this. Roberts is good fill in. But now with Winovinch and Collins as pass pushers. The secondary is already best in the NFL. If Collins shows and plays great. This will be the best in D in the NFL. If he doesn't I'm not concerned at all.

    Steven Castellanos says:

    Our defense can match up with anyone now. He and Bentley have the speed to keep up with running backs and tight ends. Oh and Mayo is the LB coach.

    D Green says:

    Good move it adds toughness to our linebacker core

    Wilbert Paul says:

    Why ? Yes Collins was impressive, but BB cut him loose, and Cleveland cut him loose , apparently for the free lancing , so what's changed ? I hope he doesn't make the final cut, leopards DO NOT Change their spots !!!

    Josh Nolan says:

    Bad decision? Lmao dude is automatically our best pass coverage LB

    ShawnM 923 says:

    He didn’t back out lmao. Don’t try to act smart and twist information. Very lazy

    Ryan White says:

    Great move. Go Patriots!

    Clifton Brown says:

    And Mike Love the Red Sox shirt Don't put on a Celtic Jersey Unless we get A.D. Lol!

    David Osborne says:

    As long as he buys in hell yea it’s a great move. I remember when they traded him I was like WTF. But I didn’t know about the issues you guys brought up. But maybe after being in football hell for 2 and a half years and watching the pats go to 3 SuperBowls and win 2 of them he learned his lesson.

    Clifton Brown says:

    Smart Move And I'd Rather have Jamie Collins over Elandon Roberts All Day. This Puts Roberts on the Bubble. Props To M@M and Nick And Pat's Nation Road VII!

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