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  • Jaclyn Glenn Has An Issue With How Shane Dawson Covered Eugenia Cooney

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    Christa ray 29 says:

    Seems like she had to go hard ass balls to the wall to help her and now she's back in the same place and now she's frustrated…….

    lily says:

    For all the people that are saying jacklyn is bitter ? What the fuck you are so missing the point. If she was bitter don’t you think she would have made this video a lot sooner after everything she went though with Eugenia ? Being bitter implies that she doesn’t care about her friend and only cares about credit where it’s due. The fact that Shane has posted a video finally gives her the opportunity to talk about it because obviously his video would spark a conversation and give her a window to tell her story without getting sued because now she is “recovering”. Shane definitely has eugenias best interest at heart but it was clear in the video that so many things were not talked about in depth which , I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to, but if you’re making a video people are going to expect answers and if she wasn’t ready to give them, maybe she is still in denial. I don’t understand why people are confused ? If everyone would just watch both videos the whole way through without formulating an opinion then it would all make sense to you . Sorry but so what if jacklyn blasted eugenias household on the internet, like they were never seen in Shane’s video which definitely implies that they don’t want to be involved which is odd because if that was my child I would 100% be there on the video talking with my daughter about the situation . Her mum didn’t because she doesn’t fucking care. The fact that she couldn’t leave her house for years says a lot about how manipulative her mum is – Eugenia is an adult so why does she still live with her mum? BECUASE SHES BEING MANIPULATED ffs this is not confusing at all it’s very clear and Shane has even expressed himself that he doesn’t know the full story so how can people be confused about his narrative , because he doesn’t have one in the first place- jacklyn does and was the one who actually tried to help her . Everyone needs to stop attacking Jacklyn and saying that her story is confusing because it really isn’t . Open your eyes to what is really going on

    C M says:

    Why does her mother have so much control over an adult?

    Patricia Godzik says:

    No she had an issue that the truth about Eugenia being in a toxic environment wasn’t part of the video instead they talked about her being bullied in to getting help . This had nothing to do with Shane’s message or video it had everything to do with the fact Eugenia isn’t safe in that house and as long as her monster mother is controlling her every breath Eugenia has no chance at being healthy

    vansse Mccreadie says:


    ZoophreemiaHouse says:

    Don’t think this was right but it needed to be said

    Rachel Habraken says:

    i like Jaclyn but she is inserting herself where she doesn't belong. dealing with an eating disorder and sharing that story with an audience is one thing but coming out about a manipulative family at the same time is impossible to imagine. if that is the case then Eugenia deserves the right to speak about that too when she is ready IF she is experiencing that and Jaclynn and her friends clearly don't get that they have taken that away from her by forcing these issues and saying these things. them doing what they're doing could get them in serious legal trouble and Eugenia will absolutely shut them out if they are not allowing her to take control of her life herself on her terms.

    Beading Creations says:

    Shane did a good job with the video and how he focus on what she wanted which was not to be defined by her ED

    Christine L says:

    She was an adult for the past 5 years tho

    GOKO YES says:

    Why Eugenia might stay with her mum: manipulation

    Ferry says:

    i believe what her friends said her mom should be arrested

    Christine L says:

    Hmmm seems that she is just mad she didnt get credit for euginia getting help. Lets be real. Euginia is a grown adult.

    lin j says:

    You shaved the Mustache!!! Noooo

    Orange Soda says:

    Hey, I stopped watching this channel a while back because when I comment on live streams my comments don't show up …it's irritating. Anyway, I agree with Jaclyn for sure. I hope EC can get the fuck away from her sick ass mother before she kills her.

    AyyeItsEm X says:

    Your title shows that you literally didn't listen to the videos at all.

    Ally bb says:

    I could tell by the video that she didn’t look like she was over it it yet

    Ashley White says:

    Shane Dawson is so fake the last thing she needs is for her mom to get a f**** show like Tana but who cares about people's lives RIGHT it's 2019 we all go on

    Lisa Lightrider says:

    Damn, I missed your live stream because I was watching Shane's video, after watching Jaclyn's video. I didn't get the notification! 😭 But anyway, just wanted to say that I 100% believe Jaclyn and am still worried about Eugenia's future. But I hope she continues to recover, and I hope she's still in therapy. But I'm worried. 😟

    Nykey Cookie says:

    I feel like her mother is keeping that poor girl sick so she could manipulate and control her. All of this is about money

    Schizo Lykaboss says:


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