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    The Return of Eugenia Cooney

    The Return Of Eugenia Cooney – The Real Truth

    I’m Back

    #JaclynGlenn #shanedawsonmovie #eugeniacooney

    The Return of Eugenia Cooney

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    Andrew Applepie

    Videos Featured:

    To Eugenia Cooney - Karuna Satori ASMR
    How someone with an eating disorder feels - EnvyMaliceMIkki
    Lets talk Eugenia Cooney - JohnWiebe
    Phil Defranco
    Eugenia Cooney is Saved. - Yoel Rekts


    Fairy Nyx says:

    Recovering from eating disorders can take years. Obiously was it way too early. I just hope that she doesn't get a setback.

    Shannon Mcgillivray says:

    Eugenia says she doesn't have labels but she is almost definitely bulimic because she mentions in the Shane video that the doctors say they're shocked she didn't have tooth decay which happens from the stomach acid eating your teeth when you throw up when you're bulimic.

    J.V.R. says:

    Eugenia's mom, dad and brother are toxic. Eugenia would do so much better without those money grabbing bugs in her house. They want her $$$

    catfacexkillah _ says:

    I don't ever feel like I'm learning much in Shane's videos.

    Anon Ymous says:

    Jaclyn glen constantly went at onision for his saviour complex with Eugenia. But now Jaclyn is flexing her saviour complex and seems to think she’s the leading authority on Eugenia’s life

    Infidel Castrato says:

    Society won't tell you this but Eugenia is actually a beautiful black woman. Don't let the evil west taint your mind with these white washed lies

    RealStream News says:

    You are always on point cool shit man

    Mike says:

    Been a fan since baited, and this is your best complimentary content ive seen since ive been following you. Keep up the good work!

    foreverhilaryy says:

    In his video, her legs still looked very purple and thin. She dodged a lot of questions and her mom was 100% there at first and ducked out. The lawyer was probably there to mediate questions about her family. We all know her family is a big reason for her ED and if Shane asked about her I think Eugenia would have gotten an ear full when they left. In her childhood pictures she looked very malnourished…..

    Mary DeTray says:

    The mother was controlling Euginia and using her as a cash cow, she didn't want her in treatment because 1) there goes her income for 6 months and 2) sick euginia gets over a million views on her videos. Her mother is a sick person, maybe even evil. No good mother is mad or tries to prevent their child getting treatment when they are where Euginia was health wise, something IS wrong there.

    Tom Jerry says:

    Great work pumping out all these news videos tommy

    amber leigh says:

    I don't feel like it told much if anything I Shane's video… Love her and him but they tip toes around it

    Onii chan says:

    Glenn is a piece of shit.

    Paul Drive says:

    I blame her mother no true parent would let their child regardless of age do this to themselves! unless there was a ulterior motive on the mothers part? something is fishy here?

    AJ says:

    The doctor's would have given her a diagnosis, and told her that diagnosis because that's literally a part of treatment and recovery, because you need to have a name to put to your illness to be able to fight it. I have strong suspicions about what the diagnosis would have been (there are multiple diagnoses for restrictive EDs not just two, I suspect it was x with y tendacies) but she didn't really need to publically name her diagnosis, in some ways it potentially helps reach a broader audience of people with EDs if she was more general. However it's not really fair to say "she doesn't look/seem like she's recovered" because she's still in recovery, it takes longer than 1-6 months to recover from an eating disorder, and arguably one never is "recovered" from an eating disorder. It's almost always the same as any other mental illness – something you will live with for the rest of your life, and just because you haven't relapsed back into disordered behaviour for a number of months or years does not mean you are not still going to be experiencing the mental symptoms of that disorder. I have a history of having an ED, and a very close friend of mine had very severe anorexia and spent all up a total of about 18 months across 2 years of being in inpatient treatment, spent time on a feeding tube, and during her first hospitalization was on life support for a time. She has been in recovery for 14 years, and still experiences disordered thinking, still struggles daily with her relationship with food, but chooses to continue to stay in recovery and fight her disorder. It isn't something that can just be cured like the flu or will simply clear up on its own like a cold, it's a mental illness you live with for your entire life. The same way you will hear addicts and alcoholics who haven't used or drunk in 30 years still refer to themselves as addicts or alcoholics or being in recovery, because it is a lifelong commitment to not allowing your disease to trick you into killing yourself, and so is having an ED.

    fallonharrod says:

    What’s the intro song?

    Please Complete All Fields says:

    All Shane Dawson's "documentaries" are whitewashes- Eugenia, Tanacon, Jake Paul.

    Eugenia's as much of a car crash as ever. I've known anorexics- it's a motherfycker to treat- shit takes years. She says she was "about a month" in treatment, and now ahe's all great and cured?!? Yeah, nah. She skipped out of treatment- I'd put money on it.

    J Mac says:

    This return was her way to ease back online for this money her Mom steals from her. She knew she had to address it and Shane was her way to do it without just showing up one day. Legally she can only be held on a 5150 for so long and with her being in her 20's it's even harder. This was just her way to come back online and she wasn't ready I'm almost sure she was forced back for that money by her mother. She needs to get away from her family or she won't make it. She was forced to get help and got the minimum just to be released. There is no way after years she is recovered. Her mom is seriously mentally ill and sketchy shit goes on in that house. Eugenia is their Disney world atm and honestly I really believe that heinous mom probably has huge life insurance policies on both kids. Eugenia is starving and her brother Chip is on his way to a heart attack from extreme obesity. It's heartbreaking, she needs away from her Mom.

    YouTube Made Great Again says:

    This was the first time I just couldn't watch a Shane documentary all the way through it felt weird it. Like something was going on idk the interview shouldn't have happened. It's a shame cuz now the Shane Dawson documentaries for me I've kind of this weird smudge on them now we're now looking forward I just I can't watch him the same again now he did he just that when she was just so out of it for me I don't know maybe I'm alone in that.

    J Mac says:

    He didn't ask about her family, her Mom especially who us watching for years have implicated her crazy ass for being the problem. Two things Eugenia has hidden for years her disorder and her family. That mother didn't want any questions about her ass

    Observer Cerebusfire17 says:

    After what happened to Grav3yardgirl, I'd get a lawyer too.

    Vera Mišković says:

    Jaclyn is a hero for staging that intervention. All my respect.

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