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  • Julianna Zobrist: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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  • Getty Ben and Juliana Zobrist pictured together in the midst of the Cubs’ celebrations upon winning the 2016 World Series.  Julianna Zobrist is the wife of Chicago Cubs second baseman, Ben Zobrist. On May 15, it was widely reported that Julianna, 34, had filed for divorce from her husband of 15 years. The couple married in 2005 and have three children together.  Julianna is a celebrity in her own right thanks to her Christian singing career, as well as being an author, motivational speaker and chef. Her 2016 album, “Shatterproof,” was a modest hit.  At the time news broke of the divorce, Ben Zobrist, who turns 38 on May 26, was listed as being on leave from the Cubs. In 2016, Ben was the World Series MVP in the Cubs’ first victorious season in 108 years. He has been an All-Star on three separate occasions.  Here’s what you need to know:1. Julianna Deleted Her Twitter Page in the Lead Up to the Divorce Announcement   GettyJulianna Zobrist speaks onstage during Tan France hosts the 2019 Audie Awards at Gustavino’s on March 4, 2019 in New York City.  Online records show that Julianna Zobrist filed for divorce in Cook County on May 14. In the lead up to the announcement, Julianna deleted her Twitter page and removed several photos showing her with her husband.  The Chicago Tribune reports that Julianna has hired lawyer Karen Krehbiel, of the firm Berger Schatz. In 2014, Krehbiel represented billionaire Kenneth Griffin in his divorce from then-wife Anne Dias Griffin. The Tribune reported in October 2015 that Kenneth Griffin settled the divorce after a 14-month long dispute. 2. Julianna Previously Said That She & Her Husband Had a Rule to Never Spend More Than 6 Days Apart  In an October 2018 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Julianna said that she and her husband had a rule where they never spend more than six days apart, no matter what they’re schedules are. Julianna said that the pair sat down prior to the start of each baseball season to discuss their plans.   Julianna added, “There’s a lot of mutual respect. The mutual understanding of what the other person wants.”3. Ben Zobrist Reported Late for Spring Training for ‘Personal Reasons’   Ben Zobrist embracing his wife in 2005 while he played for the Kansas City Royals.  At the beginning of May, Ben Zobrist was left off of the Cubs roster for “personal reasons.” During Spring training, Ben was absent from the team for similar reasons.  The year before joining the Cubs, Ben, a native of Eureka, Illinois, won the 2015 World Series with the Kansas City Royals. His four-year deal with the Cubs expires at the end of 2019. 4. Julianna’s 2018 Book ‘Pull it Off’ Dealt With Combatting Negative Thinking   Getty  Julianna’s 2018 book, “Pull it Off,” dealt with combatting negative emotions. During an interview with Megyn Kelly “Today,” Julianna discussed the book saying, “When you’re faced with fear or insecurity, that is your moment for exercising your courage. The more that you exercise your courage, th


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    Little homewrecker hires a high priced Chicago law firm to disgrace her husband. These guys get rich from fees charged. Well at least we can count on the end of her so called Christian singing career.

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