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  • Julianna Zobrist Files for Divorce from Cubs' Ben Zobrist in Cook County, Records Show

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  • Ben Zobrist was granted a “leave of absence due to personal reasons” last week and was placed on the Cubs’ restricted list

    Julianna Zobrist, wife of Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist, has filed for divorce, according to Cook County records.

    No reason was given in the documents, but the petition for a dissolution of marriage was filed Monday, the records show.

    Meanwhile, the Cubs star filed a complaint for legal separation in Tennessee accusing his wife of “inappropriate marital conduct.”

    Ben Zobrist was granted a “leave of absence due to personal reasons” last week and was placed on the Cubs’ restricted list. He also missed the start of the team’s spring training in February for an “excused absence,” though it remains unclear if either is connected to the divorce proceedings.

    “I texted with him the other day, reminded him how much I care about him, and about how much we miss him,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon told the Chicago Sun-Times before the team’s Tuesday game in Cincinnati.

    Julianna Zobrist, a professional singer who has previously sung the national anthem at Cubs games and also performed at a 2016 World Series game at Wrigley Field, hired Berger Schatz attorney Karen Krehbiel to represent her in the matter.

    The Chicago Tribune reports Krehbiel also represented Chicago billionaire Kenneth Griffin in his divorce from Anne Dias Griffin in 2014. Krehbiel’s office declined to comment on the matter.

    The couple has been married for 14 years and has three children together.

    The news comes just days after social media users noticed that Julianna Zobrist had deleted her Twitter account, and that she had deleted numerous photos from her Instagram profile that featured her husband.


    mRwoRds2148 says:

    Proof that accomplishing your dreams comes with a cost, and sometimes you need to have a taste to realize it wasn't what you wanted all along….pretty selfish.

    Jaime de Espana says:

    She claimed to be very religious and committed to the Lord, apparently more so than she was committed to her husband. Last I heard, God didn’t look highly on adultery among other things. You probably shouldn’t claim your religious devotion so much publicly when you’re no better than anyone else in reality.

    Dusty Grady says:

    So she is a little slut whore huh? I feel bad for Ben. I'm surprised he doesn't thrash her around the room, Addison Russell style. lol

    Jim Jones says:

    Sounds like she emotionally crushed him as he is taking a leave of absence.

    Endless Closet says:

    So you're wife of 14 years ended up being a whore. takes days off and doesn't know when he will return to his job (playing baseball) get over it you fucking pussy, theres plenty of dumb blondes out there for you to choose from. man up, you're not the first and you're not the last fucko. just make sure the next braud doesn't have a horse face like this one

    zealandzen says:

    Ben found out his wife Julianna was committing adultery, reportedly.

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