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  • music is from: https://youtu.be/tXO_VC-w8Sc

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    Super Mario Maker 2 - Super Mario World Forest Theme

    Original by: Koji Kondo

    So the Super Mario Maker 2 SMB Athletic Sky Theme went over well with people. Most of this song is an approximation. I can not find an intro to the song anywhere, nor could I find a full version of the song (there was one that got close with the Nintendo peeps talking overtop of it, but then they had the "midnight" theme which had the full melody anyway)

    Anyway! A couple compromises for this song:
    -The hihat is just a TR909 hihat sample. That's funny
    -The percussion is the yoshi percussion. i wonder what would happen to the song if a Yoshi was caught?
    -The rest of the samples are not Super Mario World samples (cheatin' Nintendo!) .. I compromised by using Super Mario World's bass tone, and a lead tone. The vibes sample is from the SC88Pro but softened up and edited to work in SNES style. (I was tempted to use the SMW marimba but I don't think it would have worked in this song!)

    The original song tries to be like an SNES song but it definitely is not one. I did my best to make it SNES-compliant. 🙂

    This was made in MIDI/C700 as SNESMod cannot get smooth envelopes like this without chirping and clicking.


    SPC: http://tssf.gamemusic.ca/Remakes/GIBStuff/SMM2_smw_forest.spc


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