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  • Kathryn Dennis Slams Pregnancy Rumors As Thomas Ravenel And Ashley Jacobs Play Nice

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  • Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Slams Pregnancy Rumors As Thomas Ravenel And Ashley Jacobs Play Nice.

    Images(Credit): Bravo, NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Celebrity Instagram Profile, Google Images
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    Tammy Pearce says:

    She is beautiful inside and out.

    B Green says:

    She does looks pregnant. She’s is a reality star comes with the profession ya don’t like it get another gig! Stop the pc shit it’s turned everything upside down. Grow some thick skin.

    Switty S says:

    She’s great – love her!

    Venti Sale says:

    I have to say it. I'm so impressed by how much Kathryn Dennis has grown and matured as a person, as shown during the last season. The therapy she has received and her own innate strong commitment to sobriety and setting the best example for her children are inspiring. Keep your eye on gratitude and kindness girl and you will continue to reap the rewards you have earned. There are many of us behind you all the way.

    pics says:

    Jacobs was so jealous of Dennis, and how things have changed, bye Jacobs find another rich manipulative man.

    Theresa Ehrichs says:

    She’s a homie hopper😂

    Sharon & Steve Klyczek says:

    She does look pregnant.

    sue moore says:

    Kathryn Dennis is such a Pass Around Pack….She'll do anybody

    Therealest Duncan says:

    Your so Beautiful and I cannot wait I’m shady fine you’re a knight and shining armor you deserve it to overcome all obstacles you’ve had to overcome I have to give you props God bless you sweetie

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