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  • LaMaJa Audibles | Dissecting ADOS & The Sandra Bland Case – ASSASSIN PREVIEW

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    Truth Speaks says:

    I'm really trying to understand what gives these groups the audacity to even comment on black issues when the only time you identify with us is when we say we don't identify with you anymore..what do you mean you're for or against it? ADOS is not for you to be for or against, stay in your own lane…if you really want unity, you'd tell your people to get off the coon train, be for that sir

    Jesus Price says:

    By the way, I'm glad that you gave a reminder of the book read. My mail notifications are turned off due to high traffic. (I'll have to fix that) I've noticed that in your newsletter it doesn't state which book will be read. This is my first newsletter received by you and I though that I'd point that out.

    Jesus Price says:

    Ok, a revolutionary/pangaeaist. I stand corrected. I know that you're speaking about my comment calling you a Pan-Africanist. I made the comment based on how the "black people" overtone was utilized.

    Pangaea was, so thought to be, a supercontinent before the land masses broke apart to form what we have today which is 7 continents. Some would argue 6 but, I digress. Pangaea means all of earth.

    I'll be waiting for the dissection of ADOS on your assassin channel. I'm curious as to how you believe that it was just thrown together. Believe it or not I'm not actually in total alignment with the agenda. Also, I never said whether you were for or against ADOS. I made the statement that you have more cons than pros.

    Thanks for the clean up.

    Kay B. says:

    Question RE: Bookclub, could you maybe announce the next book at the end of review or a few days ahead of the new month? Thrift books is just better for me vs Amazon. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

    trulyprettylady says:

    ADOS already explained why they used the word slave vs enslaved. Tone is a lawyer, he explained slavery was the institution that was in placed.

    David Johnson says:

    We preparing now, you acting like we trying to get whats owed to us tomorrow… We are ironing out the few small wrinkles… Btw why African born blacks risking life or limb to get to America or Europe??

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