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  • Longtime Anchor Mary Bubala Fired Following Controversial On-Air Comments

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  • WJZ-TV on Tuesday confirmed they have parted ways with longtime anchor Mary Bubala following a controversial question to an on-air analyst.

    “Mary Bubala is no longer a WJZ-TV employee,” vice president and general manager Audra Swain said in an email. “The station apologizes to its viewers for her remarks.”

    Read more: https://www.wbal.com/article/387708/3/wjz-fires-longtime-anchor-mary-bubala-following-controversial-on-air-comments


    MrTrainerGuy1 says:

    There was nothing "Controversial" about what she said she said the same thing every other single news anchor, news paper and political pundit etc… the only difference is the skin, talk about a BS non issue to get fired for asking a question the same type every other group has said.

    Carmelo Angel says:

    Has the world gone mad?

    Susan Rose says:

    It's a sucktastic time to be in the media (unless you absolutely love or absolutely despise Trump and play those partisan bases like MSNBC or Brietbart): People no longer want to pay for their media, and everyone is out to be offended by something…leading to a termination of a journalist. It's getting really silly now.

    Dwayne Harris says:

    Let me get this straight: Don Lemonhead can say on air that white men are the biggest terror threat in America(even though he sleeps with a white man, go figure) and he still has his job on CNN, but this journalist asked an honest sincere question(not racist or sexist) and she got fired…while no one checked Lemonhead for his racist rhetoric? I'll be damned!

    Logan Campbell says:

    Asking questions is now RACIST!!! Go fuck yourself

    Logan Campbell says:

    Stupid leftist ruin everything

    sterling kennedy says:

    Didn't she know you can't criticize an African American negro?

    Tommy Profit'Monsoon says:

    DIN DOO NUFFIN'z chimpOut

    Honky Lips says:

    Black inner city plagued by drugs & violence- led by a black lady who's using political power to gain wealth.
    White reporter of 15 years: "you're fired"
    Good luck Baltimore…

    hendrix3081 says:

    Black people in America are a nightmare to be around, she said what every social justice leftist says but reversed. Everyday leftist scream there is too many men, and too many White men in power or specific jobs. Clearly 3 back to back Black female Mayors is a con job, where are the black Men in the job or White people? Two of the Black Female Mayors resigned, proving they are not up to the task. But yet again you cannot speak the truth. Ridiculous.

    Lionheart /Wolfos says:

    Hmm, don't the left constantly saying enough of white men in power?? That statement is racist and sexist.

    Hilda Wilson says:

    Identity politics strikes again!

    jamie glikin says:

    I supposed you Mary…I sure hope you land on your feet. Good luck to you and your family. Baltimore City resident.

    Tyler says:

    So she was fired for questioning/advocating diversity in potential mayoral candidates? That seems to be a rather stupid reason to fire someone. I mean it is a pretty common feature these days for politicians and journalists to question/critique the propensity/presence of 'white' and/or 'male' politicians without losing their jobs, so what makes this situation so different?

    c20995 says:

    Why was it offensive? Everywhere there has been white male leaders back to back, this exact question has been asked with no outrage. Every network (besides FOX) screamed it when Obama ran. Also, how can it be sexist if a woman asked a female political science professor it? Truth is, if Mary was black she would still be employed. She should sue. This lame, fake friend of hers knows this but will not say it. He knows leftist mob would get him too and most white people are too afraid to stand up against this clear anti_white racism. See Rep. Brian Sims.

    Tor Teo says:

    WJZ hates white people. WJZ promotes white genocide. WJZ is the new Nazi propaganda media that wants whites to end themselves. Wonder why there are so many mass shootings, suicides and drug usage by whites? WJZ.

    April Lambert says:

    Libtards keep eating each other from within. So sick of the left and all the PC bullcrap. This is why identity politics doesn't work.

    Michael R says:

    Poor woman. It's like SJW clowns own the crooked media or something?

    Wayne A. W. says:

    Dat why she name is "Bub(b)a-la" lol

    Eric Standefer says:

    How many times do we hear that the problem is that white teachers don't understand black students, there needs to be more black teachers; white police don't' understand black people, there needs to be more black police; There needs to be more black civic leaders, there are too many whites that don't care about blacks. This is daily rhetoric,  standard everyday. So suddenly someone making a logical assessment that the status quo doesn't seem to be working, maybe try something different—Oh My God, she's a racist, destroy her. Just pathetic.

    coinhawk crypto says:

    every one is so scared… no honest questions can be mentioned… the sword cuts both ways…

    Omar says:

    It was a terrible question..flat out.

    Dashawn Brownie says:

    #TrumpEffect she got caught skipping 🤷

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