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  • Lyft needs to grow the top line, which they're doing: Pro

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  • Santosh Rao, Manhattan Venture Partners and Virtus Investment Partners’ Joe Terranova join the Closing Bell crew to discuss Lyft’s first earnings report.

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    Kevin James says:

    This guy is selling a pig in a poke. The more rides they give the MORE they will lose. Total scam biz model. They rip off their drivers and still bleed money

    KingJustice98 says:

    IPOs usually are always overvalued. Many companies think they'll make a big splash.

    Michael Sanches says:

    The dude must not have kids. Most kids want a car, not a Lyft app.

    Mount Brocepsius says:

    3% of the addressable market!??? Mr. Rao you are an idiot. 3%!?!? Just how big you think the ride sharing market is??? Especially for a company like lyft that is solely focused on North America? The only way for lyft to make a profit is to either (1) win an uphill battle against Uber in gaining market share and pusingh Uber out (which is not happening even in your dreams) or (2) merge with Uber and get some pricing power (which will drive people towards taxis because the only reason why Uber and lyft are a thing is because of the low prices). I'm willing to bet on the fact that Uber is not going to come out with the autonomous technology of their own in time and if Uber isn't coming out with their technology then lyft can forget about it. Hope that waymo succeeds with LIDAR but looking at it it looks like Tesla is on the right path with their approach which happens to be different from waymo and in my opinion (and the opinion of experts) happens to be the right approach. Mr. Rao stop pumping up the stock by spinning some bullshit narrative of lyft being a "focused company". Focused doesn't mean shit when you are not making money and have no reasonable path towards profitability in the future. CNBC stop letting fools like Rao come to your platform and speak nonsense to jack up the price of this garbage stock. If anyone needs a competent analyst hit me up and I'll gladly leave my health care field to give you a rational no bullshit analysis lol.

    JASON B says:

    1.9 billion in spending…LOL…Santosh.."SCOOTERS"…This guy is an idiot. Must be a Lyft investor.

    loopba says:

    Fuck Lyft, making zero contributions to society

    Adam Jacobs says:

    This whole system is beyond fucked up. These gargantuan companies always fuck over workers to benefit shareholders.

    At some point this shit is gonna explode in revolution.

    Jules Signoret says:

    Garbage company, dumped it all thank F

    Aybee D says:

    He thinks it's a good quarter because he can't sell the stock for 6 months; what a joke.

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