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  • Lyft revenues beat, riders up 46% year over year

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  • CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa reports on Lyft’s first quarter earnings.

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    80sruler says:

    Who’s the new chick ?

    Guruprasad Pai says:

    Stock price will be in single digits, this time next year.

    Nikki Burris says:

    NC SC Students living in fear 5 years later… Complaints to NC SC law enforcement go unanswered ….
    Known identity theft impersonation forgery fraud… 100s attending party in Gastonia witness NC Wealthiest man being detained poisoned while imposters allowed to spend millions

    Nikki Burris says:

    ⚠Must Read⚠
    Successor to Johnny Bryan Hunt grandson
    Maurice Burris also known as J.B Hunt Jr drugged pushed from Myrtle Beach SC window…
    Refused to sign transfer of claims forms.
    Insiders question why Police allowed group responsible was allowed to move in his Gastonia NC home days later as caretakers. Group allowed to oversee Medication 1/2 billion trust and realestate empire…
    Reports to Police of medication being switched causing facial disfiguration & memory loss. Leading to Identity theft impersonation forgery…

    SunnyBoy Smiles says:

    Horrendous! Total ponzie scheme from the investors behind this IPO. Selling 4 quarters for a nickel. Not one of those founders should be allowed on the Forbes list. Socialist Government agencies have better margins than this.

    Aybee D says:

    We are unclear on the bottom line? lol. They lost $9 dollars a share

    hugo baro says:


    Luis Cortes says:

    Lyft is a joke of a company, burning billions just to run a Logistics/Taxi app.
    I'll keep shorting it all the way to bankruptcy, Uber is worldwide and a diversified company they already won the race.

    Mike Kang says:

    Bigger the revenue bigher the loss.

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