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  • Mary Bubala Fired After On Air Question About Female African American Mayors

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  • A local TV news anchor in Baltimore has lost her job after coming under fire for a “racial and sexist” question she asked regarding the race, gender and leadership of the city’s recent mayors, all of whom are Black women.

    Baltimore’s WJZ-TV confirmed Monday that Mary Bubala was no longer employed by the station.

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    Laurie Wallace says:

    She will get hired somewhere else, white privilege.

    Tracy Salazar says:

    This Country is all jacked has been for 100s of years and they keep getting idiots in the White House to continue the Fuckery!

    Suki Lee says:

    She got exactly what she deserves! Good riddance!!


    What happened to the white boy mayor who did blackface they just stopped talking about it he still has his job SMH.

    Timale Ellis says:

    Return her question on her head.
    ie. Do you care to explain?
    Who would YOU suggest?

    Tee Gee says:

    Yep, that subliminal “black females can’t handle the gig.”

    Lady C. Diamonds says:

    So many closet racists exposing themselves as if they think they're immune from getting called out, fired or both.

    Marc Gipp says:

    yes they should have fired the program director too. sneak diss tv

    Real McCoy says:

    I have to say I'm very, very, shocked that they moved so quickly to remove her.

    Dennis Wooten says:

    Only God can help Baltimore

    popstarprincess123 says:

    What’s wrong with that question what did they say after she asked it
    They do say that we have too many straight white males especially now just look at Sanders practically apologizing for being born and getting older
    In fact it’s a reason to run for office that you aren’t a straight white male
    They’ve always said it if you want proof go talk to black people or look in this comment section

    The irony she gets fired for asking a question while people in this comment section are saying they’re too many white male politicians hypocrisy and proving my point

    Gilmore Mccoy says:

    Thanks to trump for making this possible. Now we hear out loud what these people say and and their thought behind closed doors 😡!

    Vincent Vegas says:

    How about 3 black male mayors in a row . .? That's a change . She might have a legal avenue to persue damages . Let's not be stupid

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