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  • Met Gala 2019: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes make it OFFICIAL

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  • Met Gala 2019: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes make it OFFICIAL


    The Truth says:

    Imagine a world where black men ACTUALLY valued their own black women.


    Dennis Smock says:

    Katie looks very happy and very very satisfied if you know what I mean. Keep layin that pipe Eric!! Lol

    renee xoxo says:

    I adore Katie Holmes. I adore Jamie Foxx. Love them as a couple. She looks very happy ‚̧‚̧

    Brandy Wells says:

    Jamie Foxx, you whack ass fuck!!!

    Billie Edwards says:

    I do love her dress thus far for me the most classic and elegant, which must define who she is, b/c I don't see Jamie with anything less. Guidance and Blessings to them both.

    simmick1 says:

    Beautiful Couple. Haterz are just jealous. They are both rich, talented and successful and they are both attractive. I wish them all the very best. They are my new favourite couple too. Though they've been dating for years.

    Brian Jensen says:

    This is probably my favorite couple!

    BosoxnationI972 says:

    Romance? There is no romance. She is a professional beard, shielding gay men from being outed for their homosexuality. Jamie Foxx spent more time in the closet than Anne Frank!

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