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  • My thoughts on that latest with Sandra Bland. + I have no fear of the Police. My reasons…

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    beautymakeover says:

    I'm still trying to figure out how she ended up in Jail 🧐

    Ryan Lyttle says:

    As someone with a criminology degree and trying to get into law enforcement I'm way more concerned with passing a physical fitness test as apposed to a written test. Which I personally think it's a problem. I agree with you when you say if you're having problems with an officer to not get the last word. You do that by filing a complaint with their department. If that officer is harassing people in the community then it should be documented.

    Arianne says:

    I wish the family hadn't settled so quickly for that measly $2M dollars. I think the family was also dealing with their internal guilty for not coming up with $500 among them all to get her out of jail quickly it was so embarrassing and sad. I think it contributed to Sandra's despair as shown on the video on top of being mistreated. The family must have been desperate for money to take that little bit of money instead of pushing for justice and seeking the truth.

    Carmen CaBoom says:

    Sandra Bland was outright MURDERED. Plain & simple. These type of crimes are the new modernized lynching in America. Too many Black families are opting for the settlement money because they've never had money & are easily impressed & easily bought with whatever amount of "hush money" (the dangling carrot) to dead the matter. Sandra's life is worth way more than $2 million dollars. $2 million dollars as compensation is actually insulting. What's even MORE insulting is watching Trayvon Martin's mom self appoint herself as the captain of the "Dead Black Child By Cop Club", commandeer other Black moms of dead Black love ones who have been killed unjustly by non-Black people & sort of establish a "celebratory" climate that attempts to make this horrible epidemic feel & look less horrible as it is so that the genocide becomes more "tolerable" as other Black people twerk, give birth to more victims of this & smoke weed & "wait their turn".

    Going #Live isn't always enough. Look at what happened to Korryn Gaines in Baltimore. Not only that, the police all over the country are busily successfully getting laws passed that makes it illegal to film the police…smh. That POS who killed Sandra Bland unjustly lied from the beginning & I knew that in the beginning, but as usual, America tolerated his lies & gave him a pass to sit unharmed in his home while collecting financial compensation & living a good life & unbothered…the outcome of most of his kind who participate in these similar murderous scenarios.

    Writing letters to change legislation is a viable option…but that takes time & that takes a body of people to get laws passed. Meanwhile…the killing machines continue to prey upon unprepared Black bodies & continue to kill Black people with impunity because the killers (in most cases) have the total support & backing of judges, prosecutors, state representatives, district attorneys, etc. and those letters that a few Black people write fall into the hands of THOSE people (or their affiliates) and they STILL have influence relating to the outcome of those letters. We MUST do more than what we are currently doing. We MUST exercise STRONGER POWER. The killers don't fear letters. The killers don't fear marching. The killers don't fear praying. The killers only fear exercise of POWER. 🗣PERIOD!

    GINSENG M ROSS says:

    Hey bro, most "Black Folk" don't have anything, & we both know that they figure, hey, I can't get my loved one back, so might as well take the money & take good care of the rest of my loved one's, feel me bro🤔? Is it right, hell know, in my humble opinion, but let's face it, our people have been brain washed to sell each other out, since our people got off the "Good Ship 🚢 Jesus", 400 hundred or so years ago; our betrayal level, & self-hate is in our "DNA", & so far, know amount of education has been able to free us from our very own self-hatred; "God" help us, cause we can't or won't come to turns with our on demons long enough to fight our real enemy, 👌👀🤔. Hmmm🙄😏? Amen!!!

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