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  • Neighbors details moments surrounding woman accused of pushing elderly man off bus' arrest

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  • Cadesha Bishop: Metro Police said she caused an elderly man’s death when she pushed him off of an RTC bus. 8 News NOW has learned more about the 25-year-old accused of the crime.


    richie scarpa says:

    You noitce how the black woman in the video was smiling. If the races were reversed she would be crying a river. Blacks are the real racists in this world.

    Anolis A says:

    If their roles had been reversed Las Vegas rioters would have burned the city down. The double standard here couldn’t be more apparent.

    WorksmartnothardTV says:

    She looks like a white elderly women in the video wtf

    George Leonard says:

    Another Black-On-White Hate Crime that we are supposed to "not notice" in the interest of "PC". This woman is pathetic. She needs to be executed, no reason for taxpayers to have to foot the bill for her food, shelter, and medical care for the next 50 years. And she will sue now and claim she is being treated unfairly because of her race. What a disgusting piece of sub-human trash. I wish she had resisted arrest, so she could have been eradicated from our society.

    italiano says:

    Just another brainless fat black animal cruelty

    Aditya Sharma says:

    Fk the justice system, another pass cause of her gender. Fk that! They have her on video and yet they need witness.

    PAPA Giarnella says:

    YESSSSSS THEY GOT THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young says:

    House arrest? Let's get her and bash her skull in with a piece of cement.

    Brandon U. Badillo says:

    Ojala se pudra la carcel la negra esa.

    Vicente Fritz says:

    House arrest? Are you fucking kidding me?
    Go back to put her in jail permmanently already, she literally killed a man for no reason and there's the proof, the man died last month and this bitch not in jail? She's also clearly an awful mother.

    John Rambo says:

    Allegedly? Looking for witnesses? It's all there on video!

    Jeannie Michaels says:

    House arrest!! R u kidding me.

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