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  • New England Revolution and Chelsea F.C. played a friendly charity match – “Final Whistle on Hate.”

    Both clubs joined forces to raise awareness and money — an estimated $4 million — in the battle against hate and prejudice. The idea for the match was developed by club owners Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) and Robert Kraft (New England) in light of a global rise in antisemitic activity.

    All proceeds from the match will be donated to 15 organizations dedicated to combatting antisemitism and discrimination. In addition, Abramovich and Kraft will each donate $1 million in support of the cause.

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    Cameron Danicich says:

    What Liverpool are going to Madrid to play in the cl finals in one of the biggest stadiums in Europe Chelsea are going to New England to play in a stadium designed for American football in a friendly

    But Chelsea fans still think there the bigger club. Hmmm 🤔……..

    Xcript says:

    New England revolution need Tom Brady….

    Matthew Veeran says:

    Instead of making this all about why Revolution played this game, let's take a moment to appreciate the message this game is sending.

    2ndEndingVintage says:

    "Hey let's schedule a really GOOD European team vs. one of the historically WORST MLS squads in a Friendly !"
    (Psssst…..Very clear Chelsea backed off the throttle after going up 2-0, eh ?)

    michael murillo says:

    Ruben is injured. Its not fair to play these games 3 days after league is done.

    Taye Edwards '22 says:

    lol only revs fans there was the players on the bench lmao… all chelsea fans

    Saunexs says:

    Send the worst MLS team to face Chelsea…makes sense

    Mr. Fil-Am says:

    If Revs supporters are calling this a great performance, you have a lot of catching up to do to most clubs in your league… Specially against clubs like LAFC, the Galaxy, and Atlanta FC… You need a new ownership group, one that will take football serious… You also need a downtown stadium… Good luck with Bruce on the helm…

    samroxeva says:

    Robert Kraft desperate to clean up his happy ending image

    Tyler Tin says:

    RLC injured for this

    mr. potato says:

    literally, they could’ve picked DC United, LA Galaxy, LAFC, or even Atlanta United or Toronto FC And that would’ve been a better game than a PL team against the worst MLS team this season.

    Gamer Nepa says:

    Chelsea 2020
    1. Kepa
    2. Judon starling
    3. Alonso
    4. R James
    5. Cristiansen
    6. Bakayoko
    7. Loftus
    8. Barsley
    9. Pulisic
    10. Hazard
    11. Odoi

    Mike says:

    NE Revolution make MLS look bad!

    NACHO MAN says:

    Well that was easy

    NHL Goal Horns says:

    There was probably more people that night then all their other season games this year!

    Rui Mendonça says:

    wanna hear a joke? Soccer

    Unicorn Canser says:

    I saw a whole lot of new players

    Mike says:

    NE Revolution ownership: Why humiliate your team like that. Just give the money to charity

    SnipeShotKill says:

    I would love to see Manchester City Vs the Philadelphia Union! Man City is my favorite team and the Union are my hometown team. I get season tickets to the Union so I see every game. Lets go Philly!!

    RHino25768 says:

    Had to put in the meg lol

    Obita Uchiha says:

    Why was kepa changed or substituted

    ItzElectric says:

    Lafc would have killed Chelsea

    Lee Everett says:

    That was was an amazing performance from the revs. Let’s play like that in Saturday. New coach, better play.

    OrdinaryApple says:

    This is the first full mls stadium I’ve seen in my life lol

    Tweed Ghost says:

    2:13 That guy needs to retire…

    david sabillon says:

    To everyone trashing my Revs 🇺🇸 and the MLS, please remember, we are trying to grow your beautiful game in our country that doesn't have a football tradition. Instead please support us in growing the game in our country.

    Fabian Cordova says:

    MLS looks weak af

    LAFC Caught Em' ALL says:

    I think we all saw this one coming

    Marcos S Rojas says:

    Too easy for Chelsea

    Ricardo Rodriguez says:

    What day was this game on

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