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  • New Shaft Movie Holds Reviews Until Day Movie Opens

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    Tomas V – Greetings from the hills John! I’ve been looking forward to the new Shaft movie because the trailers have been very funny. The movie opens in my local theaters tomorrow. TOMORROW. Yet I just went to see the reviews and they still haven’t lifted the review embargo. Just how horrible will this movie be if they’re not letting the review come out until the day the movie opens?

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    Avengers Endgame Will Not Catch Avatar: Should It Re-Release To Do It - The John Campea Show

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    On today's episode of The John Campea Show (Thursday, June 13th 2019) John discusses the following topics:

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    - New Shaft Movie Holds Reviews Until Day Movie Opens

    And Much More!

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    Mary Johnson says:

    I like the trailer of the Shaft movie I can not wait to see the movie three generations of Shaft.please American people go see the movie.

    Eric AFG says:

    The movie John couldn't remember that held its review is venom

    Pierre Ashton says:

    Why cant audiences and critics review the same time? John went on a tangent about what he believes the makers feel about the movie.

    Pierre Ashton says:

    Its the critics fault. Think about how many films are holding reviews.

    Jesse Estall says:

    Shaft was hilarious

    JonnySuite13 says:

    If your a fan of Shaft, and if your ass is black, then you're instantly gonna go see this movie!!! Simple as that.

    TheBluCorner says:

    I still wanna see, but we're not even getting it in theaters here in Denmark.. Goin straight to netflix in a couple of weeks.

    Ram story wala says:

    I think Shaft is a mediocre movie
    That's why they want to know
    Every one that this movie is

    Ram story wala says:

    I recently
    Heard that
    Ben 10 live action movie
    Is happening
    I don't know it is real or fake

    R G says:

    I dont think the movie will run on reviews. It will run on Samuel L Jackson and Shaft fans. I wish u didnt rant against Shaft atleast. Shaft is getting decent audience reviews and people love the campy feel to the movie. I wish they release on Google Play here in India.

    guyverrob says:

    I love your videos but you repeat yourself way too much. You don’t need to literally say the same thing 3 times in a row.

    Natani ___ says:

    Saw it a few hours ago. I liked it. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s entertaining and I was surprised how politically incorrect the movie was. I’ll buy it on Blu-ray.

    ZCMZombieCustomMaps says:

    I don't know why the hell they keep hiring Tim Story to direct movies anymore. Much of his films are critically panned and the only film he made that was critically successful was the first Barbershop movie. Plus, who ever asked for a Shaft movie in the first place.

    CINEPR says:

    I watched the movie Wednesday and it surprise the heck out of me. This isn't in anyway a great movie, but I find all the Samuel L. Jackson moments hilarious. Shaft (2019) is just a fun, a little bit long, ok film.

    Dirg Ramsey says:

    Everyone knew this was a joke. It’s all on Sam’s popularity!

    Ruza Roos says:

    I'm seeing it tomorrow and I'm excited. It looks funny and that's all I want from it.

    tdon39 says:

    This MFer gets free screenings for these films. He’s not paying for it. What does he care?

    keefriff99 says:

    John's rant had me cracking up…so true.

    TommyTucker says:

    Shaft is a black superhero from a time when we didn't have hero's to root for. I can't wait to see it this weekend, and I don't care what some critics say.

    Ninja Greg says:

    I cant stop staring at groot.

    Gan says:

    It's a leap of faith. So don't choose poorly.

    Count Dooku says:

    This movie should have been given the shaft!

    To Release is To Resolve says:

    Movie looks like ass. I enjoy the Sam Jackson Shaft but this newest one looks like a complete hamfest.

    Gub Army says:

    I saw the movie and I thought it was really damn good

    e3vL1 says:

    Rotton tomatoes currently at 38%

    Kicknowledge Smith says:

    I will wait to watch this on TBS

    Nate Lowe says:

    JT Usher is getting a bad rap: responsible for killing two franchise killers(Independence Day 2 & Shaft 2019).. smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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