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  • NHL's officiating disaster in Sharks-Blues game proves league needs to revamp rules

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  • SportsPulse: Kevin Allen says that the series of officiating blunders in the 2019 NHL playoffs is proof the league must look into rule changes.


    Richard Rydel says:

    So if a team is offsides and keeps the puck in the opposing teams zone for 10 minutes then scores a goal they will review it. But wont' if the puck goes out of play or a hand pass directly resulting in a goal. I think the people making these rule were too one to many pucks to the head.

    Paulafan5 says:

    They need to review possible 5 minute major penalties as well. In the Boston series, Charlie McAvoy should've gotten a 5 minute major which would've changed the game completely. Instead, a 2 minute minor and a joke of a 1 game suspension. Connor McDavid got 2 games for a much milder hit.

    Hugh Tahoob says:

    if that was the penguins fans would be going apeshit

    Will Mo says:

    It all evens out folks. Perron should not have been on the ice when he scored his goal; he should have been in the penalty box. Take away his goal for the missed call, and the game wouldn't have gone to overtime. Sharks would have won with no overtime. See how the hockey gods make things balance in the end? Take a laxative and trust the gods!

    jimbizzzale67123 says:

    Amen, the fact that the sharks just left and the refs just left is extremely frustrating.

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