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  • The Adult Swim hit series Rick and Morty will return for a 4th season in November 2019. The official announcement was made during the WarnerMedia presentation held May 15.

    See the RICK AND MORTY teaser here:

    Rick and Morty Season 4 - Official Release Date Teaser Trailer

    Get ready for Rick and Morty Season 4 on Adult Swim! New episodes in November.


    Monty Manning morton says:


    Bradz says:

    I mean, Bojack Horseman exists. But I do agree that Rick and Morty can be awesome

    White ScorpionD says:

    Avengers Endgame Easter egg in Rick And Morty next season

    Hail chungus says:

    Did she just say time travel in the same sentence as rick and morty? Justin Roiland is disappointed

    Ace Phoenix Core says:

    Mr meeseeks and battle royale

    Battlefield 5:why did you even rope me into this
    Call of duty 4: cause he roped me into this well
    Realm royale: well him over there roped me into this
    The cullling: well he roped me into this
    Fortnite battle royale: what about me he HE roped me into this
    Playerunknown Battlegrounds:well that on over there roped me for into this
    H1Z1:well that one over there roped me into this
    Minecraft hunger games:……..

    Plasma Owl says:

    It'd be crazy if they introduced Cthulu that's been in the intro

    maggoli67 says:

    Hopefully they'll be past the TDS. And MAN, I LOVE Barry!

    super Spartan games says:

    What do you call a dinosaur with no hands

    Thatoneguy 44 says:

    I never watched these cartoons and don't see what people have with these things. It just doesn't look right. But i also don't know if i should at least try to watch it. Should i or should i not?

    Daniel Wyatt says:

    are there more than one of you? you say we a lot? I was wondering do you do all the editing and scripts yourself?

    Nighteyes&Fitz says:

    Have you seen The Expanse? I think you'd like that show – season 4 is coming out later this year. Also, I would argue that BoJack Horseman is a better ongoing animated show than Rick & Morty, as good as R&M is.

    journee davis says:

    Watching rick and morty teach a triceratops to play baseball. That is my wish

    Egg Nog says:

    GOT only went downhill in the eighth season. It was great in all the others.

    Garry says:

    I want a Zombie Dinosaur infection that turns people into zombie dinosaurs

    b m says:

    I want more evil Morty

    Garry says:


    Daniel Wyatt says:

    How does she make all of these edited videos so fast?

    E.M. E.T says:

    Pass the szechuan sauce

    Marcello Reyes says:

    I want them to visit a sort of Pokémon world rip off and have them realize how messed up having a slave monster is in real life.

    Texas Panhandle says:

    About damn time

    Derrick Lawwill says:

    I love the show Rick and Morty and it's about time did you another episode

    Proper says:

    OMG! On Monarch Sciences Ghidorah is free over the ocean! This is so cool how they have a website doing this close to the release date of KOTM

    Mediocre Media says:

    Orville and Rick & Morty are legit the only reason I watch tv

    Thun Pack Of shadows says:

    I like your vids but I hate rick and morty

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