Billionaire fashion CEO Anders Holch Povlsen says three of his four children died in the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks Follow me on Tumblr : Twitter: Instagram/Snapchat Stories :
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“Une rupture n’est jamais chose facile.” Adil Rami et Pamela Anderson ont mis fin à leur histoire après deux ans de relation. Dans un long message , elle a révélé avoir découvert la double vie [More]
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One woman is traveling through 36 states with her flag on flag day.
At the tennis courts practicing with my daughter Nyima
Went on the set of GMA where I got to meet Anthony Anderson and then I also met Yara Shahidi, Gabrielle Union, & Jessica Alba ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 👻 Snapchat – Cookiemisfitt ✨ Twitter – underagesgenius 📷 [More]