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  • today I hooked up with my good buddy Patriots Global where we discussed a New England Patriots re-signing Jamie Collins, we looked at the Patriots offseason so far and all the free agents that they brought in we talked about the NFL draft and what the Patriots did at the draft and we even spent a few minutes at the end talking about YouTube and being vloggers on YouTube.


    John Cutajar says:

    I apologize as I was wrong on Collins. I didnt think BB would let him back. Good for Pats.

    Need one or two more tackle. They might already be on the team. The rest of the units look pretty solid and deep. Not sure about special team unit but that typically works itself out.

    klo schuessel says:

    Harris + michel + white + burkhead right now

    Inman + thomas + edelman + gordon + harry

    klo schuessel says:

    This team looks so much better than last years.

    On both offense and defense.
    The only real loss was gronk imo.
    And he wasnt the gronk we used to have most of the year.
    Playoffs were amazing of course.

    Nicolas Esser says:

    This is just simply the best Patriots content on Youtube

    Neil Ladd says:

    They will find a TE I'm sure, not to worry.

    Joelrocks says:

    Patriots global voice is too soft. Too girlish. Voice up, my man.

    Lorenzo Harper says:

    I believe Bentley has the ability to become a Jamie Collins type of guy. He flashed the athletic ability during his short play time before IR. He’s the young bull in the LB core and I think he’s a guy who will be another great Pats LB

    Nick18 M says:

    I can finally wear my Jamie Collins jersey again

    horgarth says:

    Maybe teddy brushy May come back

    Al Henderson says:

    ray true patriots fan with patriots global much love yall

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