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  • it really feels like Bill Belichick is doing everything he can to make sure that the New England Patriots are not only just competitive again this season but try to win back-to-back Super Bowls and he’s really digging into the Patriots past to try to make this happen. Just not too long ago Bill Belichick brought back his former number 1 draft pick tight end Ben Watson and now he’s taking another blast from the past a guy that he traded away to the Cleveland Browns in 2016 linebacker Jamie Collins.

    no Patriots Global and I discussed this signing pretty in-depth last night during our livestream but for those of you who did not have an opportunity to tune into the livestream I’ve made this video for you so you can hear my thoughts on what I think about the Patriots bring it back Jamie Collins, a guy that just a few days ago I said made perfect sense for the Patriots to bring back.


    William Bevins says:

    Look at how many players that left have come back. Deion Branch, then Patrick Chung, and now we have Watson and Collins back in the mix. The grass is not always greener elsewhere.

    MAROBOY G.G.C 1100 says:

    Great signing i was mad we traded him!!!

    ant hayes says:

    He will be a beast

    *magic _* says:

    Bro you were right, i love this signing keep up the good work

    BrassRainbow556 says:

    Fuck yeah!!!!! This dude is a beast!!! So glad he’s back!!!!!

    Margie Castonguay says:

    He will do better this time ,being traded to the Browns fixed that attitude and arrogance …he is going to be patriot material now

    Margie Castonguay says:

    Sorry I missed your live show, so happy Jamie is back he's great….we need someone like him…..yesssssssss …..seeeeeeeee yaaaaaaa dear

    Kyle Clip says:

    Don’t agree with the signing but I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Bdawg02 says:

    Playing for Cleveland, enough said losing every week, coaching changes all the time..why not mature and comeback..🥳

    Justin H says:

    I'm glad to have Jamie back. If Bill wants him, trust in Bill.

    Nick18 M says:

    Time to pull the Collins jersey out again this season

    Juan Medina says:

    This defense isn’t the best of the league for sure but it’s top 10 on paper and the most balanced with plenty of depth in all positions…..even the offense looks great on paper I mean this could be the best “all around team” since 2007……solid defense and lethal offense I’m only concerned a bit about having Belichick as DC cause he won’t have plenty of time to deal with the rest of the team…..

    Detective Fried Chicken says:

    He will still be a every down LB best all round player on this team Hightower and Van noy are decent against tight ends and against rb they get exposed

    RedVysionz Reactions - YouTube Channel says:

    Jamie Collins was also a safety in college at USM (University of Southern Mississippi). Very freakish athlete and I'm friends with him. I talk to him all the time and he lives about two hours away from me here in Mississippi. I live on the Gulf Coast (Gulfport, Ms) and he lives in McCall Creek, Ms where he is from. He told me three years ago at the airport he would most likely will be back with New England and this was a few days after he got traded to Cleveland. I told him how I was upset about him getting traded and he told me not to be. He then ask me if I had a Twitter and Instagram account and I said yes. He instantly followed me and took some pics with me, we became friends over the years…very cool guy and he spoke it into existence. Glad he is back home with the Patriots! So hyped about it!

    Erich Leuschner says:

    Dude cmon lets be real. Elandon roberts is not a good LB. He’s a complete liability on D because teams know they can easily attack the middle of the field when he is there. Collins’ athleticism is still there. The reason people think he’s lost a step is because he stopped being used to his strengths. It takes the right coaching to get the best out of some players. And the pats will bring back the jamie collins we all knew and loved. This will be BB’s greatest late offseason snag of all time

    Two Pair says:

    Would you consider this one of the most versatile teams in the BelichickBrady era?

    Charles Anderson says:

    RAY I LOVE UR your positivity a real attitude to Jamie Collins coming back DA PATRIOT DRAFT HIM HE HELP WIN Playoff game regular season game and the Super Bowl WON SUPER I REMEMBER PICK 6 AND BOBBY BO SHAE TYPE HITS .TO ALL JAMIE HATER FAKE ASS PATRIOT AINT LOYAL .YALL THE REASON PLAYER ALL ABOUT BENJAMIN 💸 💸 💸 💸

    Patriots Global says:

    Last night was FIRE 🔥

    Al Henderson says:

    best front 7 of 2019 coming in the nfl its true dam true just watch hollow at me when yall see that front 7 not going this season bill on one just want to keep winning

    Al Henderson says:

    ray you know the patriots if bill dont tell you he going shopping behind our back pats fan

    Al Henderson says:

    he know what time it is patriots way ego have to go bye bye follow orders he will help

    Al Henderson says:

    in bill we trust he a sneaky man beware of the dog

    Al Henderson says:

    ray you and patriots global last night love it keep up the pats news will be waiting 24 7

    Al Henderson says:

    ray ray love pats fan bill dont stop shopping he shop in his sleep frfr man dream shopping

    Eman Paul says:

    Let's GOOOOOOO

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